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Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Phoenix, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Phoenix
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    Got around to putting some personal time into Vi3 today, not just the business kind I do all day :)
    just at the proof of concept stages at the moment, but everythings going well so far

    I have ESX installed on a Compaq AP400 with 512MB of ram and a 9GB SCSI disk (I had to throw in my U320 controller for ESX to detect the disk), 256MB of ram is dedicated to the Service Console leaving me a spanking 256MB to play with

    This is currently connected to my OpenFiler system for iSCSI LUN access to some cheap SATA disks over 1GB networking

    so far everythings working like a charm, im just installing my first guest OS for Exchange 2007 and if it all works as planned I will go and invest a few hundred in some barebones systems with 2GB+ each to replace all these old systems

    In all I hope to replace 4 AP400s, 2 GX110s, 1 GXsomething with 2 Asus Terminator Barebones systems

    Ill post some more shots as I progress, but heres a quick snap of the Vi3 interface from both machine conolse access, Virtual Center and the ESX Web interface

    VI3 Interface

    And another one of the improved performance monitoring in VC2
    VI3 Performance
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