VERY annoying problem in vSphere 5 - hardware status tab

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Mikeyboy, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Mikeyboy

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    Morning folks,

    Recently come across a minor (but VERY annoying) issue in my vsphere 5 setup - the hardware status tab, when I am logged into vcenter, does not show any information, just comes up with an error "The query service is not available" or words to that effect. However when I log in to each server separately, the hardware status shows up just fine, I can see each sensor status.
    I have researched this quite thoroughly, and most issues seem to be either permissions related (not applicable as the only user I log into vcenter with is the local admin account), or name-resolution related, but I have updated any names in vcenter to IP address only, added an entry in HOSTS file on the vcenter server itself, and a few other suggestions - none of which have worked.
    I am pretty sure it did work previously, but can't remember 100% if it was.
    So, any suggestions? The one suggested fix I couldn't do, was relating to ADAM ADSI edit, apparently there may be something in there relating to name rather than IP or something. But, tried to install ADAM, didnt really know what I was doing, so couldn't start the ADSI edit.

    Help, its really annoying!!
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  2. SimonD
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    I did a post about this about a year ago, have a look at Hardware Status not displaying on vSphere Client – Fix « Everything Virtual for some pointers.
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  3. Mikeyboy

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    Hi Simon,

    Have tried this... to no avail - once i got into ADSI Edit, i notice i have two instances of vcenter, which i think might be part of the problem, not sure how this has come about... there are two instances of VIMWEBSVC, one under each, and one is pointing to name:10443, which seems to be appearing in the logs, and the other is pointing to IPaddress:8443 - so which is it! :eek: will try and show what i mean.

    am also getting entries such as this in my vws logs

    [2012-03-26 00:15:28,458 Thread-33 ERROR] Unable to retrieve health for com.vmware.vim.sps from http://localhost/sps/health.xml
    [2012-03-26 00:15:28,458 Thread-33 ERROR] Unable to retrieve health for com.vmware.vim.sps from any of its health URLs

    inherited from com.vmware.vim.binding.vim.fault.InvalidLogin: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.

    [2012-03-25 23:01:52,808 Thread-39 ERROR] Unable to retrieve health for 512e9827-cc0c-4a45-b0ae-ae111defc5ff from https://vCenter:10443/secure/health

    is it using the wrong instance of vcenter, looks as if it is trying to connect to vcenter:10443, despite me specifying ipaddress:8443 in vcenter settings - so what is the right port for this? totally confused... adsi.jpg adsi2.jpg
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  4. Mikeyboy

    Mikeyboy Kilobyte Poster

    Just to report back - I FIXED IT!!! yay :)

    for anyone suffering with this grief, I had to reset the Inventory Service database - the steps I followed (after messing around with ADSI Edit, probably breaking more things) can be found here

    vSphere Documentation Center

    Can go to bed now!!
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  5. onoski

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    Thanks for sharing Mike and glad to hear you sorted this issue:)
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