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Update on training provider foes

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by B0331E, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. B0331E

    B0331E New Member

    In my original post I suggested that LSCE were fakes, I would like to tone that down now into, just plain old money grabbers... 5 phone calls later, my tutor has finally contacted me and promised to contact me next week to do some ONE on ONE practical work.

    So now I can start learning again, oh i forgot to mention, I did say to the training provide, that I was a member of a forum, and that if I felt that there aftercare was still NOCARE, then thousands of people would know about it INSTANTLY

    POWER TO THE PEOPLE:twisted:

    cheers all will let you know when I know
    Certifications: old school ones
    WIP: A+ comptia
  2. betty

    betty Banned

    Hello! I've just read your post about your experience at LSCE. I have finished a course there and I am very angry at this institution as well as with London College of Computing. Some classmates of mine and I are considering taking action against the "schools" -if one can refer to them with this word. Would you like to join us or share your – probably frustrating -experience at LSCE with us? Thank you.

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