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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by noelg24, May 24, 2005.

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    Well i am now into 2nd month, the training was anything but impossible...had a good laugh, just kept annoying the trainer :twisted:
    Anyway so far its been good, I got no complaints, I really am getting the hang of Apple Mac products, most of the calls we seem to get is about iPods (so if anyone has one and wants info on how to get them repaired just let me know), but other than that we dont really get many complaint calls and I would say at least 10% of our calls the customers are very irrate. Here's one call I thought was very funny:

    Cust calls up saying he has just bought a new iMac G5 and he cant seem to get any programs working at all. If he opens up say iTunes it suddenly hangs and brings up an error message. Ok I thought this is weird. So first rebooted the system, that didnt do anything. So created a new user to see if the same thing happens. And it did! I then ask him what was the last thing he did before it went like this. He mentioned how his dad has an iMac and him, his dad and sister all used it before he bought his own. He told me he had transferred everything from his dads mac to his new mac (and when I mean everything I am talking about the whole entire disk with the operating system) bearing in mind that the new iMac comes with Apple's new OS MAC OS X 10.4 (tiger) and to make things even worse than that he did a reinstall of the old OS (10.3 Panther) on top the new one and the one he took off his dads mac. So in all effect he had 3 MAC OSes on one system :eek: when he told me that I had to put him on hold and laugh cos I just thought what a complete idiot! So I told him mate you need to remove everything use the Tiger installer disc to intall the OS and then only transfer your own files from your dads mac to your mac and everything will be ok. I bet he felt like a right g!mp after that. Hahaha.

    I will keep you lot posted if anymore funny calls my way. But thats all for now.
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    Man, I could tell you a few tech support stories from my days in NTL! By far the most rediculous call I took was one where I couldn't find the guys record on the database.

    When taking calls at ntl my greeting was "Hi you're through to NTL, Mark speaking can I take your postcode please?". Now, the guy was from Birmingham, I can't remember the exact postcode but it was something like "B21 2DJ". Note the 'J' in the postcode. Well, I entered the guys postcode, and some records came up, so I asked for the address, he gave me a completely different address. I double checked the postcode and he was speaking quite clearly but had a VERY strong Birmingham accent.

    Same postcode, different address, it's been almost 2 minutes now with him telling me the postcode. I then go through the postcode with him phonetically, "B for bravo, 21, 2, D for Delta, J for Juliet". His reply? I'll type it the way he said it, british members will understand this more I think, but his reply was:

    "Oh no, Jay, Jay for Gordon" Basically he was saying G, but pronouncing it 'Jay'. I nearly threw my headset at the monitor.
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