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Unemployment = Depression

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by jodsclass, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    As you all well know, i recently graduated, and I am finding it very hard to gain employment. Its now over 2 months since I started applying for work and I am having very little interest. My wife is being very supportive, both financially and emotionally, however I am still finding the whole process very depressing. I am applying for entry level work and I thought I would be able to land a job within weeks. this has not been the case.

    I am becoming very depressed as a result of this, and I am starting to lose motivation in the whole thing. I spend my days trawling newspapers, job listing, agencies and the internet, and applying for perhaps 10 or 15 jobs a day. The motivation is starting to run out and I am seriously considering grabbing an office job to fill my days, and giving the whole IT scene a miss. This is probably the rejection and the despair talking but does anyone/did anyone feel this way when applying and how did you manage to overcome it?

    I guess I just need re-assurance and some of those "I was there too and look at me now" stories.

    Thanks for your time guys, and giving me an outlet to write this crap.

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  2. Boycie
    Honorary Member

    Boycie Senior Beer Tester


    I am sorry to hear the way you feel. All i can say is stick at it. I know it sounds corny and you are fed up of it, but all you need is that first job and you will be away.

    Good luck, keep your chin up.

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  3. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    Cheers Boyce. I hope something comes about soon.

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  4. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    mate - i feel for ya - i stuck with the admin jobs for 3 bloody years hoping to get my foot in the door... never happened. then i fell really badly sick (death was knocking on my door, saying he had a hot seat specially made for my ass to sit on :twisted: ), luckily for me, i dodged him again :biggrin ...

    now im working in IT, but this is by chance, i got a job doing browsing the net, chilled out really, but was very boring, but whilst i had the job i kept applying, i know applying for jobs is a job and a half, but a man's gotta do, what a man has gotta do!

    my contract had finished and still had not got an IT job, but on my last day, one of the managers thought they might as well give me a try, cuz i use to talk the talk but never had a chance to walk the walk, now im running!

    ...but for you mate, if money is starting to come a problem, then i think it may be wise for you to get an office job and keep on applying... ...at least money is coming in... and hopefully when you do get your chance, even if the pay is less, i think you should go for it (if again, finanaces are ok with the drop)...

    ...anyway, thats my bit done for the community...

    over and out!
  5. Rostros22

    Rostros22 Kilobyte Poster

    Having never been in your position I can’t say how it feels. You know yourself that you need to keep your chin up and keep plugging away and the rest of the inspirational stuff.

    You say you have applied for numerous jobs on web sites, in newspapers and been in communication with agencies but have you cut the middle man out and gone direct to the company? For example pull up yell.com and have a look in your area for IT related companies and write a letter directly to them containing your CV and a cover letter. They may have positions and might think “He has shown initiative”.

    All they can do is say no, and you never know they may just say yes.

    I did this about a year ago around the Salford Quays area and Manchester as I thought redundancy was on the cards here, and got some good replies back saying they would keep my details on record if anything pops up. As it happens I am still at my current employers.

    Best of luck fella.

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  6. Nelix
    Honorary Member

    Nelix Gigabyte Poster

    I know exactly how you feel mate.

    I was in the same position, the only advice I can give is DONT give up. All the hard work and bordom created by searching for that job WILL pay off in the end, I know it doesn't look like it, and it's easy for me to say that but itas worked out ok on 2 occasions for me when was in the same position in the past.

    Some advise on agency's, I found that alot of them would phone up just to see if I was still looking for work and I never heard from them again.....numbers on paper was all alot of them were after. Take the name of any of them that call you and call them back every week or too, in a while they will get sick of you calling and do what they can to get you off there back i.e. find you a job. Another thing you could do is not just apply for jobs via the various agency website, but post your CV online on there site, I got alot of response from posting mine on the likes of Jobsite.co.uk.

    As mentioned above, if money is starting to get tight, then taking an office job of some kind might be the answer, but keep applying, if and when you get an interview you can explain that your current role is only a stop gap, this shows that you are willing to work, even if it's not in a job/industry that you dont really want to be in. while in that job try and get to know the IT guys and let them know, subtly, that you ultimately looking for an IT role....you never know, that might just need one at some point, also volunteer to help out in projects if and when they arise, that we they can get to see your skills.

    I hope this is of help to you, and I will say it again.....I know it gets disheartening but DONT give up, it WILL turn out for the best eventually.

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  7. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    Thanks guys for all your comments. I'll get down the agencies on Monday and sort out doing some temp office work and the likes. Like you say gotta just keep plugging.

    Means alot to me that you took the time to post on this one, always better to hear genuine stories from your peers than that advertising crap they have on careers sites.

    Agin thanks so much fellas. I'll keep you posted

    John aka Jodsclass
    Certifications: BSc IT & Web Development
    WIP: MSc Advanced Computing, Oracle Cert
  8. The_Geek

    The_Geek Megabyte Poster

    I know that frustration all too well. Here's a receint (yesterday) issue that's happened to me.

    SIX weeks ago, I applied for a network admin job with a smaller company. Everything looked good, took their tests, talked with them numerous times, jumped through hoops and bent over backwards for them, all at my time and expense.

    Yesterday, after SIX weeks of interviewing, I get this email:

    Can we all say "thanks for the wasted time"! :x
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  9. slyuen

    slyuen Byte Poster

    I'm in a similar position with you...... felt a bit in despair, but I vowed not to give up trying.

    I'm currently working in admin in an office and had been searching for jobs for a few months now. Had a few interviews and not been able to pass the "1st" one.

    Well....at least the money is still coming in, I get to work in an air-conditioned environment and the people here are nice to me. Although the work is not interesting enough I now get to support their IT systems, servers, networks and remote users.... My job title is still Admin Assistant...but I'm already doing to work a 1st/2nd line helpdesk support is doing.

    Luckily a lot of recruiters and companies are now looking at "those" IT experiences and I do have a few good feedbacks now. I'm now on the 2nd Interview Stage of an IT position in a bank, hopefully I can break the ice this time.

    The only downside is......and it's always something called "notice period". If you're already in a job you are likely to be tied up in a contract and therefore not being able to fill-ip a position "ASAP". In my case......crappy 2 months one until December this year, so I anticipate some negotiation with my currently boss if I had to leave early.

    anyways..... never give up mate. You won't have any regrets if you've already given your best. whatever it is.....good luck!
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  10. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    I’ve been there mate, as I posted on your previous thread.

    I remember signing on and only having £13 (or something like that!) to my name when I went to the pub with my mates, dark days! There would always be a “hows work going?” conversation which obviously I couldn’t join in with! The guys would always say “something will turn up mate” and you know what? It did....... .....eventually!

    I think you have to think what your options are and go through them all and consider what is your best option.

    My advice? I would look for a part time job just so you have so cash in your back pocket. If you land a 9-5 office job are you going to start looking for a job when you get home after a hellish day? I doubt it, plus could you get time off for interviews? Again, this could be a problem.

    Chin up mate! :biggrin
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  11. twizzle

    twizzle Gigabyte Poster

    All i can say is hang in there m8. Like some of the others i've been in the same posistion. I started applying for IT roles back in Feb this year. In 3 months i had applied for over 150 jobs thru agencies, online jobseeker sites etc etc. I had studied for and past my Network+ and was still getting little or no attention.
    Those few that did ring me up seemed to go no further than initial contact. Lots of agencies saying "yes you seem the right candidate so we'll put your CV forward." After a while it just all feels like a waste of time. especially as i had been out of work for a year at this point. I was hard up for money with 2 kids and a girlfriend who was bascially paying my way. I felt guilty about that, but was trying my best to find the right role for me.
    Back in March i had what i would term a good chance of a job. An agency rang to discuss a posistion and after 30mins on the phone said that i would be put forward to thier client. I heard nothing for 3 weeks so rang em back. They said thier client was slow with the CVs but no news was good news.
    So i carried on applying thru other sites with some call backs etc but still no luck. And getting more Phised off with the whole scene. No Money, No job and possibly a total lack of skills and qualificatiosn to get me anywhere. All gets ya down....
    2 montsh later i get an offer of a job working as a dogsbody for a firm cleaning thier factory floor, doin some assembly work and general tidying duties.. no IT. I jumped at it i was so desperate. While doin this contract i had a call about the previous IT role... The company liked my CV and wanted to know more....Again i talked to the agency and was told.. "ok we'll get back to you if we hear more.." Been 4 months since the original call and no further... However...

    I had an offer fro a short contrac with the NHS doin a PC audit... Krap job, taking serial numbers of monitors and base units but work all the same. And i got to do some AV updates. ANd thats led to... nothing lol
    But in that time i had a cold call about a role, went to 3 intreviews and now i start in August as a permanent employee!!!! Its electronics and IT based so covers both skills i have and could turn out o be what i wanted all along!!I'll get training, sent abroad when needed and its not bad pay too..... The company make subtitling machines for TV and film industry!. So it all seems to have come togther in the last 2 months...

    What im trying to say is that even tho it gets ya down, phisses you off and makes you feel so small you dont want to exist, just hang in there and perservere. Somthing will come along some time and when it does it will take you by surprise and might be the best thing ever to happen to you! And so long as you have support from friends family and all us here at CF nevr ever give in!!!
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  12. Leehaa

    Leehaa Gigabyte Poster

    So what type of job do you have in mind? You say "entry level" would it have to be web design or something like a desktop support technician with the potential to progress?

    How did you go about creating your CV? Have you added the WIP and what is the layout like?

    What types of sites are you using to search for jobs and are you posting your CV on them?

    How far are you willing to travel?

    I haven't got the same qualifications as you, and last year I took about 8 weeks out to find someone who would accept the fact that I didn't have the qualifications but had a bit of experience and loads of determination. It was the worst and best eight weeks of my life, because in the first month, I found nothing and money was running out. Then suddenly loads of interviews, but it was a case of "shall I take the job cos I'm desperate?"...but just on the 7th week when all was getting desperate...woohoo - perfect job (with "normal" hours and a decent salary...just don't give up - if someone like me can do it then you certainly will!!

    I am still getting calls every other week from agencies who have seen my CV that is a year old - sods law!!

    Chin up - think of it as a good experience

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  13. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    I still consider myself training for the web design roles. I have many of the skills already required and I have a degree in the subject, however I am still not 100% profecient with php and mysql. I have however got experience in techie roles and helpdesk so the plan is to get a techie job to fund my continued studies in Web Design. I currently freelance in Web Design too, but the work is sporadic and not a reliable source of income.

    Ideally I will eventually down the line get into a design role in which I can manage the companies hosting/servers whilst producing web content. To acheive this I want a good grounding in design and technical. My career plan probably doesnt make much sense to some folks, but hopefully, this multi disciplinary approach to things will make me more employable in the design industry.

    Thanks so much for your support guys, I really appreciate it. And its strange because today I was offered permanent contract work for a Design firm in London who my friend works for. Basically I will be a freelancer working for them, but the work will be constant. I'll tell you more when the paper work is signed and this deal is closed, as it is still in talks at the moment. However this kind of work would be ideal as it will allow me to do technical consultancy work for the design company, design work on behalf of the clients, and copywriting which will put my writing to good use at last. Also after a private conversation with tripwire45 I will be pursuing writing articles and the likes and sending them off to publishes to hopefully generate some income on the side.

    Sorry if this post has been confusing, I am one of these people who needs options on the go, I don't work well with a fixed path infront of me.

    Thnaks guys, everyone at Certforums is a credit to the IT community, and some members on here have given me the support and reassurance to pursue a few different avenues. Thanks lads n lasses.

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  14. Casablanca

    Casablanca Nibble Poster

    Great advice.
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  15. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    I am glad to hear that jodsclass that you were able to get a contract in what you love doin, congrats buddy and keep it up
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  16. steveh2001

    steveh2001 Byte Poster

    Congrats on your contract!

    Only just noticed this post - but i was in a similar situation recently - took me 8 months to get a job, went through all the depression, about 6 months into that i almost signed up to a "guaranteed job IT training agency" and luckily after doign some research found this forum and certs. Then soon after i managed to get a helpdesk contract for 4 months :D :D
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  17. Boycie
    Honorary Member

    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    well done, best of luck :thumbleft
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