ultra high tech virus!!

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    The following was posted on comp.virus (VIRUS-L digest), attributed to John McAfee's (of the Computer Virus Industry Association) BBS.

    -To: All Users

    -From: John McAfee

    -Subject: Reported Possible Virus

    I received an unusual call from a Mr. Fred Hankel of Fargo, North Dakota this morning. Mr. Hankel was highly agitated and after hearing his long and involved story, I was moved to pass on this condensed summary to all who might be interested: Mr. Hankel reports, and I have no grounds for doubting, that a computer virus invaded his system from a bingo game he purchased in mid-October. The virus activated at 11:00 A.M yesterday and promptly melted his power supply and mother board. As he reached for the power switch to turn off the machine, the virus blasted a perfectly circular hole in the front panel of his AT clone and left a three foot oval scorch mark on the back wall of his den. I had not heard of this virus before and felt that an alert might be in order. Anyone experiencing similar symptoms should contact us immediately.

    Thank you.

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