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UK IT Training – Review Part 1 – Sign up and Introductory Course

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by ManicD, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. ManicD

    ManicD Byte Poster

    Ok, so after much hassle deciding what company to go with I decided UK IT Training were going to be the best option for me. Speeding through the obvious sales talk in my initial phone “interview” myself along with every other candidate was accepted to come to a face to face interview. Again more of a sales pitch than a selection process, I’d be surprised if less than 90% of people didn’t get through this step.

    Ok, so now I have a nice guy Mr. Joel Dobson (Director of Recruitment, or rather sales assistant) on my case, the basis theory here is they want payment ASAP. Unfortunately for Mr. Dobson I have to wait for a CDL to come through before I parted with any hard earned cash.

    Many many phone calls later I realised that what I wanted to do was see the contract and read it in my own time without someone breathing down my neck. This became a problem. “Company policy” meant that they couldn’t send me a copy to review, I would have to go up to see him. This I did, and when he left me I promptly whipped out my k800i and document photographed every page thus taking home a copy to review. All a big drama and something I would not have expected from anyone. After all the effort I read the contract and although some terms are a little edgy its all pretty legit. If anyone else wants to know what’s written in these contracts email me at my username at hotmail dot com with the subject title UK IT Training and I will get back to you.

    After signing every has to go on an introductory course, in this you are explained basic things about the course you get to meet your first instructor and you are issued an ECDL CD which you sample whilst there. The introductory session is for all courses not just the MCSA/MCSE course though this does not affect anything much. After about 1.5 hours your free to go and off you trot to go play computers at home…

    (moderator note, manicd email address is a spam filter email, so I don’t care if a web spider finds it)

    Any questions contact me on my username at hotmail dot com
    Certifications: MCSA, N+, A+(Tech), ECDL
    WIP: 70-294, 70-298

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