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Ubuntu 10.04

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by MLP, May 11, 2010.

  1. MLP

    MLP Kilobyte Poster


    Has anyone had a play with Ubuntu 10.04 yet? Just wondering what people think of it. I've got it installed on my 4th Gen black macbook, and it runs really, really well, with full Compiz effects. I'm actually quite impressed by it.

    On a related note, I found this guide, which is a free (open source, beta version) beginners guide. It might be of use to someone.

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  2. Zainek

    Zainek Nibble Poster

    yeah its a bit buggy, get login problems and network browsing issues, nt ad dom auth is a bit sticky too with correct client added. aside from that its cool and i enjoy using it.

    I use it installed under paralells on my mac with no gfx , enabled, also run it as another vm on win 7
    will buy a dedicated linux box for it soonish. for full use.
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