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turd for toothpaste

Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by Malnomates, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Malnomates

    Malnomates Megabyte Poster

    Young Billy is a quiet little individual.Basin haircut,multiple acne and a speech impediment.

    Deciding to spice up his dreary existence Billy takes up a job interview witha local toothbrush manufacturer..

    Billy-"Hello thir,I thaw your ad in the local paper and would like a job pleath."

    Interviewer-"Certainly sir,do you have any experience in sales?"

    Billy-"Not much really,but I'm willing to learn if you give me a chanth"

    Interviewer-"Umm,well ok,I need to be sure you're right for the part so take this pack of our newest toothbrushes and come back in a week to discuss how many you sold."

    Billy-"Ohhhhh,thank you thir,thank you very much,I won't let you down."

    The next day Billy returns to the toohbrush factory with all his toothbrushes sold..

    Billy-"Here you are thir,I thold all your brutheth in one day!"

    Interviewer-"Well well Billy,thats very impressive,very impressive indeed,so you think you could do it again though?"

    Billy-"Oh yeth thir,no problem with that at all,can I have a job now?"

    Interviewer-"Uh,well lets give it another try,this time I'm giving you 500 brushes and two weeks to sell them all ok?"

    Billy-"Yeth thir,I underthtand and after thith I get the job?"

    Interviewer-"I see no reason why not Billy,good luck and I'll see you in two weeks then."

    Off Billy goes,selling all his brushes in less than a day and returns to the factory once more...

    Billy-"Here you go thir,all my brutheth thold,can I have a job now pleath?"

    Staggered,the Interviewer looks Billy up and down and readilly offers him the job.

    Interviewer-"Billy,you mind if I ask you something?"

    Billy-"No thir,feel free to athk anything you want."

    Interviewer-"Well,you obviously have a very finely tuned sales technique,you've outsold my best salesman,nay-both my best salesmens efforts put together,perhaps you could share your technique with my salesforce and maybe even manage them."

    Billy-"Really thir?Really?Well ok,it'th like thith.....I go to the train thtathion at thix o clock every day,thath the buthietht time of the day.I lay out my pathting table and on my pathting table I put a nice cloth and a thign thaying 'chipth and dipth'.Then,I put two ditheth (dishes) on the pathting table and put thome nithe hot chipth in one dith and thome nithe freth dip in the other one.Then,when all the people coming off the train look at my thign that thayth 'Chipth & Dipth',they thay "oooo,chipth and dipth,can I try one?". "Yeth" I reply and they take a chip and dip it in the dip and thay "uuuuuuuuuuurrrrr,thith tathtes like thit!!"To which I thay "It is thit,would like to buy a toothbruth?"
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