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Trying to get into IT

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by orias, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. orias

    orias New Member

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so please bare with me.

    I would like to gather every ones opinion on what they think would be the best way for me to get into IT. I would like to eventually work with large networks in a hopefully a security capacity, however i realize I'm a long way off that at the moment and will have to work very hard to get there.

    I've always had an interest in computers. I dabbled in computer security(hacking) in my mid to late teens and have had a passion for linux and open source software for a few years now. I'm not going to get cockey and say i know a lot about computers, I know I dont know nearly enough, but i defiantly believe I have what than it takes to succeed in IT.

    Unfortunately I underachieved in school and since leaving at 17 I have only ever worked in restaurants. This has made it very difficult for me to get into get the industry. I just turned 21 and really need to do something with my life. I want to pursue a career i can be passionate about and enjoy.

    I'm due to meet with salesman from one of those IT training schools this week and I'm fairly wary of coughing up the couple of thousand that I can only just about afford. That is why i would like to ask you guys what you think my chances are of making it and what would be the best route for me to go down.

    Thank you for any help in advance.
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  2. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    Hi orias and welcome to CF. 8)

    I wouldn't go with a training provider as you can do most courses via the self study route.

    I would suggest starting with the Comptia A+ certification. The best book to help you with studying for the A+ certification would be "Mike Meyer's All In One Comptia A+ Certification Exam Guide 6th Edition".

    Browse around the A+ section for all the answers. :)
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    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    hello orias

    Dam you Wizard you beat me to it!!:biggrin :p

    I was going to say the same don't go with a learning provider and if you do decide to then don't sign anything, do your research on the company. Use the search option on this website with the keyword of the company names.

    I'm sure you will find something!:biggrin

    Second like Wizard states Comptia A+ is a good starting point, have a look under the Comptia part of this forum for loads of useful hints/tips on the subject.:biggrin

    As for Network, you have to learn to walk before you can run and by that I mean go the Comptia route:-

    A+ -> N+ -> N+ security. At least with comptia you are not limited to MS products.

    Welcome to CF:biggrin
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  4. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Good advice so far, welcome! :biggrin
  5. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Hi and welcome to CF!

    I'd agree with wizard - do self-study on A+ first - much cheaper than handing over a *lot* of dosh to some of the training providers.

    After that I'd get Network+ under my belt. These two will be your foundation for further studies.

    The other problem will be 'experience'. Messing about with machines at home often doesn't count for much in the eyes of recruiters. IMHO you would do better apprenticeing yourself to a local computer store/workshop so as to gain experience.

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  6. Morne Louw

    Morne Louw Byte Poster

    hi welcome
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  7. orias

    orias New Member

    Wow, I really didn't expect so many helpful responses in such little time.

    It's funny you guys should mention the A+ certificate, I just finished a couple of practice tests on about.com (didn't do as well as i hoped but still not bad).

    I still plan to talk to the Seetec rep, but seeing how they dont provide a course covering compTIA's A+ i certainly wont go with them just yet. I was considering the MCSE course but following the advice from other threads i don't think i should delve into that just yet.

    I think I'll pop down to the local computer shop and see if they can offer me some kind of work experience.

    Again thank you.
    Certifications: A+ 602
  8. Spilly

    Spilly Kilobyte Poster

    Not as easy as a lot of poeple seem think! :eek:

    I use Seetec as an exam Centre only as my local one is always booked up.
    They do compTIA exams so you could do self study and save your self a fortune!

    Everyone here will help you! 8)

    Linux / Unix expertise may a good route to exploit to get you started. Certaintly an A+ will get you interviews. Add on say some demonstrated unix skills or may be a cert along that line and I'm sure you will find yourself in a job.
  9. orias

    orias New Member

    Yeh I spotted that compTIA do a linux cert (Linux+), I will definetly give that a go in the future.
    Certifications: A+ 602
  10. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Hi welcome :D

    I was going to go with a training provider but I have been persuaded by the good people on here to self study.

    I can get advice on here when I need it and its cheaper too a couple of books and the costs of the exams.
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  11. Spilly

    Spilly Kilobyte Poster

    Do that then, It should be a easy for you!

    I recently misseed out on a dream job, they said they thought I was the better technically all round except they needed someone with some Linux & unix experience.:(
  12. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

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