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Training Providers,

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by warrmr, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster

    It has been a long while since I have posted here and this post may be slightly inapropriate but hopefuly i can stay the correct side of the forum rules.

    just under two years ago I made the mistake of takeing out a CDL for £8k and takeing a course with James thornton group. for that £8k i managed to get all the official MS books for MCSA and MCSE aswell as the books for A+ and about 2 months of classroom sessions and 4 exam vouchers out of them 2 i passed and 1 i failed twice. this is itself wasnt bad but falling quite abit short of the training i payed for.

    As some of you know there was a case with trading standards and on the 29th of october the company became insolvent. None of this is actually a problem as at face value i fell for a marketing speil payed some money and didnt make full use of the course and pass my final two exams for the MCSA.

    This is where it turns nasty.
    There was a company setup around the 30th of october called Netcom training which i wouldent normally bat an eyelid to until i was pointed at the facebook group and did a whois lookup on the domain. The person listed as the domain registrant was the old marketing guy form the birmingham branch of JTG this might not have been a problem normally until you look at this facebook group
    the creator is the old tutor from james thornton who was practicly given an MCT on a plate, he was also and Ex student from the group after mine. but im not going to go into that because i dont know the exact details and it would be crossing the line.

    also the other people who have positions in the company are also ex students fo james thornton.

    the marketing speil is the same a promise of a free laptop the promise of a job and also the 4 different camupuses/ training types they do. compare it to MCSC-UK.COM unfortuanlty the other domains have gone down when they pulled the plug on the servers in london.

    im not sure if this is extreme paranoia or what but it certainly looks like all the money has been pulled form JTG before the solicitors looked over the funds and then it was put into this new venteure.

    and to the mods i hope this post hasnt crossed the line if it has let me know and i will edit it as i would like it to be a warning to all to do some research before they commit such a large amount of money and if they do go with a training provider make sure they get there moneys worth

    Domain name:


    Trading as:
    Netcom Training Solutions

    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant's address:
    3 Brindley Place
    City centre
    West Midlands
    B1 2JB

    Fasthosts Internet Ltd [Tag = FASTHOSTS]
    URL: http://www.fasthosts.co.uk

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 30-Oct-2008
    Renewal date: 30-Oct-2010

    Registration status:
    Registered until renewal date.

    Name servers:
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  2. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    We all live and learn and most importantly learn not to make the same mistakes as well as let others know it's not worth the trouble. Best wishes and thanks for sharing.
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  3. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster

    Thanx man i will most definitly not be makeing the same mistake again. There is only 2 things that has bugged me abtou the whole thing is thati only got 2 MCPs out of an £8000 course but to be fair it was partly my fault as i did have 6 months where i didnt do anything because of my job and other pressures.

    the other thing is that if this new company is just james thornton reincarnated which is most defintly what it looks like then i am totaly discusted that if a company goes insolvant that another one can be started so soon with people who were affiliated with the insolvant company. Im actually really shocked and appauled at that, but i have learned a lesson now an expencive one but a good one.
    Certifications: MCP 70-270, 70-290
    WIP: MCSA + Messaging, MCSE + Security
  4. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    Unfortunately this is common practice and there is nothing illegal about it.

    Same thing happened with me with AMRAF back in 2000.

    Couple of things to remember -

    i) usually these companies have traded for a while and early students didn't usually have problems - it seems to happen later when the company is in trouble and trying to grab loads of students to boost cashflow

    ii) If a Director is "struck off" and banned from being a Director he can still trade as a sole trader and there's nothing to say a business has to become a limited company (in fact there's some quite large businesses that are actually sole traders)

    At the end of the day you pays your money and makes your choice. The only real protection is to pay on credit card (not debit) and at least then you can go back to the credit card company to claim.
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