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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by MrNice, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. MrNice

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    Computeach :x
    I just called my "training provider" regarding the difficulties I am having using their training methods of returning me a 100 question exam back and telling me I have 13 questions incorrect and to do it again. I am fortunate enough to be on holiday today so I thought, rather than ask here I will telephone the A+ tutor and seek guidance and hopefully get an idea of where I am going wrong. The secretary (probably the same poor girl that does all the marking) informs me no A+ tutors are available today, and infact for the rest of the week they MAY be available for a short time each day but they are unable to advise of a time to call. Sorry no they are unable to call me back as they have so many callbacks already waiting? I inform the secretary this the about the 6th time this has happenend, never actually talked with an A+ tutor, to which she replies send in a complaint then! I inform her I already have and am still waiting on the reply but she can assure me they never received it, although I got an automated email response from their mail server informing me it had been recieved and was being actioned.
    Am I the only one that thinks this verging on breach of contract?
    I must apologise for this rant but any advice on further action I could take would be much obliged. :cussing
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    You need to send in a letter of complaint, writing is probably the most effective way and it can not be ignored.

    I am very disheartned by your comments as I have just received my pre-course warm up books.

    I must say I was disappointed much of the information contained within the document is out of date.

    Will keep you all posted with further details
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    *makes note to avoid Computeach at all costs*

    Definitely have a close look at that contract and if they are out of line ring 'em up and give 'em hell!
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