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Total Sim

Discussion in 'Network+' started by Jaron78, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Jaron78

    Jaron78 Megabyte Poster

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    Have the Network+ in a few weeks and just going through my Net+ notes and study videos.

    Has anyone used the Total Sim (Mike Meyers)? Thinking of giving it a whirl due to the Simulations on the Net+.

  2. Juelz

    Juelz Gigabyte Poster

    You take studying to whole new levels.. I'm pretty sure you must be over prepared for this by now.. isit worth you spending more money? the way you're going on you will probably pass with 100% score.
    WIP: A+
  3. Jaron78

    Jaron78 Megabyte Poster

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    To be honest, it's cost me £200 or so already so I'd rather pay the extra £60.00 and make sure I know my stuff than not pay the £60.00, it resulting in a fail, and it costing me another £200 to resit the exam.
  4. Ifailed

    Ifailed Bit Poster

    let me know about his total sim too. i was thinking about buying total sim + practice questions but I couldn't find
    any reviews so I am waiting on it. I don't want to waste anymore money and time on bs guide that won't give me
    ability to pass the test. like that horrible video/practice/tutor package from skillsoft. It was absolutely the worst.
    it was 18 hours long video broke down to 100 parts or so and the guy who was explaining stuff was making mistake
    and saying excuse me + mumbling for 10 seconds or so to get back on track on every single videos. all the questions
    and practice problems were joke compared to actual exam and most of all, it had 0 sims and absolutely no preparation
    for sim problems. I can't even believe comptia would sell this on their official website for $200 or something. jesus..
    I just want a good guide that can help me to pass the exam. :(

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