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Too many certificates and what are their roles in job?

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by zakzapakzak5, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. zakzapakzak5

    zakzapakzak5 Bit Poster


    There are many certified courses in microsoft,cisco etc


    I want to know what does each of the above certified leads to in respect to job.

    I mean which type of company or job shall i apply for having certified in each.

    I hope all the above certification has different job role to play in the company right?

    Can anyone explain which certification leads me to which job and what roles.?


  2. chrisduggan

    chrisduggan Bit Poster

    How long is a piece of string? Perhaps read some exam objectives to give you a better insight. Most speak for themselves.

    Starting with some vendor-neutral CompTIA certs A+ for general support techs and desktop, N+ for network admins. Microsoft certs prove your competency within the operating system, MCP is fairly desirable start. Leading onto the networking, programming and finally security.
    There are many Cisco certifications, if you like playing around with reuters and stuff.
    A few Apple certifications if you like UNIX/OSX..

    Something out there for everyone really. From A+ to CCIE and beyond.
    Certifications: A+
  3. sunn

    sunn Gigabyte Poster

    It might be better to tackle this from another point of view. Instead of “which cert leads to what job”, ask yourself what do you want to do? Once you know that you can ask “which certs will best assist me to achieve my goal?”. Example: If you want to be a Network Engineer working with multiple vendor products. You might look at the N+, Cisco CCNA; Juniper JNCIA; and others...

    I know from your previous posts that you’re doing (or did) some programming that you didn’t enjoy. But was it the programming; the language; or the specific task? What are the reasons for leaving the programming field, and why is Networking the answer. Don’t think I doubt you; I made the same transition years ago. That’s why I’m asking :)

    You said you want to get into networking (which is great that you know) but it will probably take sometime to actually start administrating and designing networks. (There have been exceptions – but they’re exceptions!!!)

    The usual path to a Net Admin / Engineer is via helpdesk role and gaining experience. The reason many of us suggested the A+ and N+ as the first few certs to go for is:
    A) Will expose you to hardware and basic networking concepts
    B) Will get industry recognized credentials on your resume / CV
    C) Higher-end certs with no experience (i.e. CCNA; MCSE, etc.) could set you back before you even begin. Over-certification puts doubts into IT-Managers minds.

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