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time to quit?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by iiisecondcreep, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. iiisecondcreep

    iiisecondcreep Bit Poster

    I started my open uni course in feb. my first proper assignment ended up with only half of it submitted. I'm now trying to do my second assignment, due to unforseen personal cirumstances I've ended up weeks behind.
    I've already had a 2 week extension on this one and now its due on thursday, I've been working on one question for about 8hours (need to do that one to answer any others as they're based on it) and I'm only half way through the coursework thats due. (questions I'm on are only the first half that are due on thu, can't even attempt the next ones til I've done the course work which is a recommended approx 20hours work)
    I am at a complete loss. I really don't know what to do.
    Off work yest and today, thought I'd get course work done then but ended up spending nearly all of yesterday on 2 questions. (took me maybe 2 hours to get the first one answered).

    All the assignments count towards the final grade.
    On the last one I scored 53% (only half was submitted, so on what was submitted I got 100%)

    I'm back to work tomorrow 8-5 so there is no way I'm gonna get it all done.
    Certifications: HNU Applied Electronic Image Generation
  2. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    mate, its not time to quit...

    You got a degree in Applied Electronic Image Generation, well done thats an achievement...

    I dont know your personal circumstances, but not quit, so keep trying, remember the "3 P's", Planning, Preparing, and PostMortum...

    If you dont submit your assignment that you would just of wasted your time, even if you dont think that you have not fully completed it or it is of a sub standard quality, still submit it cuz its going to cont towards your final degree...

    Good luck, keep up the hard work and dont give up. :thumbleft
  3. iiisecondcreep

    iiisecondcreep Bit Poster

    not a degree just an hnu but thanks anyway.
    I've decided just to submit it wrong, this part of the q is worth 18marks, but I won't get 0 if its wrong I'll still get marks for the bits that are right.
    but still I don't think theres anyway i'll manage to get through the coursework to answer the 2nd 2 questions which are worth40marks :|
    Certifications: HNU Applied Electronic Image Generation
  4. riaz.hasan

    riaz.hasan Kilobyte Poster

    never quit 8)
    Certifications: Degree, A+, HDA, MCP(270 finally!!)

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