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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by zxspectrum, Jan 6, 2019.

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    So from where I was last year, I am progressing, which is what I aim for, if I feel I have progressed, then things cant be too bad. What I was doing last year was basically runnning a computing department, tech wise. However in that job I knew I was hitting a glasss ceiling, my boss would only fund my masters degree but anything that I proposed to help me in what I thought I needed etc, like some cisco training , he wouldnt do that. Also I was never appreciated by him, he was an ok bloke one to one but for man management, he needed more training.

    So now, I am a systems officer and although the team I work with are great, I dont feel like I belong there, I feel I need to be doing more on computers, like sccm, AD and the like than the role I am doing now. Some of the jobs I have to do feel rather tedious and sometimes challenging, like SQL for instance, I cant get my head around that in the slightest and what makes it worse is that I have no enthusiasm for it, however, it is down as one of my projects, so it will be interesting to see how far that goes or last.

    I took this job as a way to move from what I actually enjoyed doing, I wanted to be the senior technician, which is a grade below what I am now but was a grade above what I was back then, however, no matter how many times I proved my worth, I was talking to a brick wall.

    Either way, I think I am going to look to see what comes up where I am, hopefully something in June/July would be nice. In the meantime I will just try and add to the MTA network fundamentals and MTA security exams that I have now, I know they are entry level, but I think I can build on them

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    Good luck!

    I'm currently an IT technician/second line and I love it. Thank God I'm off service desk for good now.

    I have access to the servers, network gear and do network patching.

    The guys on the systems team were promoted from second line so hopefully in a few years time opportunities will pop up for me too.
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    Cheers Nisseki

    I have done the helpdesk role as well, however the place I did like working where I was but obviously as you know, if you want to preogress sometimes you have to move on.
    Certifications: BSc computing and information systems
    WIP: 70-680
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    It's great that you've got drive and ambition @zxspectrum. Would you not look to move roles now? I've seen people rocket up the food chain enough times now to not worry too much about waiting around, although I think 18 months and above is a good amount of time. I was a late bloomer because I had a cushy job that paid well for a youngster at the time. In hindisght I probably should have moved around sooner
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    Good luck!

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