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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by SimonV, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Phoenix
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    yup I was gonna post after trip and mitz earlier reply that people often mix up Braindump and Cramsheets

    these are two entirely different things, and most people I know wouldnt touch braindumps
    even the ones who think they are, its really just Cramsheets

    I tend to drop mock exams in the last minute Cram session :)

    Seems was just a mix up of terminology
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  2. Mitzs
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    Sorry about the misunderstanding Wagnerk. And I'm sorry I called you a cheat.
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  3. Kitkatninja
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    No prob's. Have fun everyone studying.
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  4. Sandy

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    Goodness this one must have been dug up from at least 12 meters under!

    I looked at my posting back in 2003 and still stick by what I said then.

    If you brain dump your way to an MCSE I suggest it will take a good interviewer about 90 seconds to find you out.
  5. mojorisin

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    where i work at the moment as an assistant administrator we had a guy who was a NT MCSE but didnt know his way round the insides of the pc or some of the basic things that i thought he should know so even though i don't have the paper work i still knew the stuff my problem i find is answering the questions the way that Microsoft want you to
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  6. Phoenix
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    Well the thing is at no point in an MCSE are u required to know your way around the insides of a PC, thats the domain of the A+, now the thing folks can get by with this, especially in corporations that dont require you to fiddle with the pcs, u just send em back and get a replacement

    however i wouldnt employ someone who didnt :P
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