The Matrix Path Of Neo

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    Got this game last week and I am sooooo hooked on basically follows the 3 films with a few extra bits aswell...with level you complete you gain whats known as Focus (basically his abilities) and lets just say its like being in the films battle against agents (the best part is the subway duel with Agent Smith they even included parts of the film in that duel!!!) one gets to dodge bullets, stop bullets and hurl objects at the bad guys...God I am so in love with this game...its what we Matrix fans have been waiting for...never mind Enter The Matrix or the Matrix Online...this is THE Matrix game every Matrix fan should be playing....:D Rock on baby!!! Yeah....oh just in case u want to know I am currently on Reloaded and at the moment I am having to free 5 far the first 4 were fairly but the 5th one is proving a will make sure I get that done asap...:D
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