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The Learning Net joins the Campaign Against Paper IT Certifications (CAPitC)

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by ITworkxperience, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. ITworkxperience

    ITworkxperience Bit Poster

    Hi, Iam Network+ certified and looking to do my CCNA.Currently doing self study and looking for a company that can offer hands on training with routers and switches. I found a company called thelearningnet.co.uk and discovered another certification CAPitC.
    Does anyone know about this certification and company and let me know whether it is something worth pursuing.
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  2. joe90

    joe90 New Member

    yeah - i did the course thru them ... I asked about the capitc .. the way i see it is just a way for newly qualified ccna's to prove they know their stuff by doing an actual lab exam at the ccna level.. having spoke to the instructor he said that while its not officially recognised there is no harm in telling the network manager who's interviewing that you can design troubleshoot and install Networks...i.e. Switching VLANS-VTP-TRUNKS-Spanning-tree, etc - Routing EIGRP, OSPF, ACL, NAT on real equipment because you have done it in a test environment under test conditions .. no harm at all.

    I haven't done the exam but I am tempted .. we'll see how the job interviews go first .. wish me luck!
  3. funnybones

    funnybones Bit Poster

    Hi joe90

    I am looking to do the CCNA and I have seen the learningnet on google, I have been meaning to visit them. having done the course with them in september how did you find them. what are they like.

    thank you

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  4. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    See also various comments from myself and others in support of CommSupport.

    Their training is very much based around learning the equipment rather than passing certs :biggrin
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  5. funnybones

    funnybones Bit Poster

    Hi Darkstar

    Yes, commsupport, that's another training company I was meaning to go to have a look at.

    The monday just past in the morning I popped to see another ccna training company around the corner from them, but I was so put off by what I saw in this other place that I did not go in to see commsupport
    Certifications: N+ MCSE CCNA
  6. joe90

    joe90 New Member

    I found that the learning net did both .. i.e. teach you how to use the equipment and the theory for the ccna certification .. I would say they were pretty good ...

    did hear from a colleague of mine that commsupport aren't bad either only complaint he had was that they seem to start at VLANs so this might not a be course for network newbies ...

    my advice when choosing an IT training centre is to go and visit them .. ask them to show you the course material and the labs (very important)! make sure they cover everything required to pass the exam

    money talks so if you can afford it check out a cisco accredited learning partner .. I think global knowledge are but they charge over a £1000 for a CCNA ouch !
  7. cisco lab rat

    cisco lab rat Megabyte Poster

    We cover pre-reqs (The OSI, TCP/IP and also we include basic networking, switching, vlans, spanning tree) on the free one day courses which we advise all our students to attend if they can.

    If your colleague was a newbie we would have suggested going on the free one day course and or the network+ course and or to doing as much prep reading work as possible.

    We also cover the pre-req's on the free webinars that we run.

    For the record we start at basic networking then basic layer 2 functionality and then Vlan's, we don't start at VLAN's, what would be the point if we did not talk about the history prior to VLAN's.

    (PM me with your colleagues name so I can verify when he attended, invoice number, which instructor taught him and which course he was on, I do take all feed back seriously whether positive or constructive, but I also must verify that the source is from a student and not spam)

    We lay out in our FAQs exactly who our CCNA courses are aimed at and how they ought to be approached. I assume that everyone reads the FAQ's before they come to us. It's why we have them there.

    I agree, we also advise anyone looking at a training provider to do exactly that.

    If anyone thinks having a cisco stamp on their glossy marketing blurb makes any difference to the course needs to think again. Before we came to the forefront Global Knowledge were using remote labs, it was because we were using comprehensive labs and lab setups that Global knowledge had to reach into their rich coffers and start putting real kit into their classrooms. The bottom line here is little old us showed the big hitters how training needs to be delivered.

    We pride ourselves in being a very open up front company, we don't need to give anyone the hard sell nor do we pretend that our CCNA courses are easy. in fact quite the opposite. We make people understand that we do expect people to work hard to get this qualification, hence we expect people to do the prep work. This is their money, their lives, their careers, of course they must prep, it only makes sense. We have 6 days with our students and we don't want to waste a minute of it on beginners stuff such as the OSI TCP/IP or learning the command line, that can be done on the free one days, the prep days and the webinars.

    Many thanks


    On another note Happy new year to everyone at CertForums, 2010 is going to be great for everyone
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