Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by Sandy, Sep 19, 2003.

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  1. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    One week one weekend to go ....
  2. Luton Bee

    Luton Bee Kilobyte Poster

    Sandy we all believe in your ability to pass this, just relax and review for the last week and I'm sure you'll be just fine.
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  3. SimonV
    Honorary Member

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Show it who's boss Sandy. :gun
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  4. Jakamoko
    Honorary Member

    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    I've known you for some time, Sandy, and know you are the man to face the task before you. You are big enough and ugly enough to do what needs done.

    If all else fails, just picture the CCNA exam taking a S*@t :shocked
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  5. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    All I can now think of is that scene from Trainspotting now Gav!!!!

    To be honest I have no idea about how i will do in this exam :!:

    On some days I find it really easy to do the labs and IP subnetting stuff OSI is 2nd nature

    Other days I could not configure a router/switch for toffee...

    Monday (22nd) I vist a Cisco Acadamy Lab for the day to play with the stuff for a days lecturing in return so this will be the first chance I have had to play with it. I am a VERY hands on IT sort of guy need to rip things apart then rebuild them to really understand what why and all that.

    The one fact I find a nightmare is the pass mark said to be 85% I have never scored that highly in any exam so either it is very easy or very difficult and somehow I cannot see it being easy :!:
  6. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Sorry, Sandy...but you need this. Get a grip! Three years ago, I didn't know RAM from ROM. I wouldn't have known a router if I tripped over it. If someone had started talking to me about the OSI model and IP packets, I'd have been totally lost.

    Yet I passed the CCNA (not by much, but I passed) on the first try. You, on the other hand, are a total computer geek and have been so for quite awhile. You are a Microsoft and UNIX guru. If you've done well in those endeavours thus far, I can't help but believe that you will do well here. After all, it's just another set of technical details and CLI commands.

    I think this has more to do with your personality than your abilities. Naturally, you know best what you are and are not capable of, but, if you've mastered MS and UNIX operating systems, I can't see this challenge as being that much more difficult for you. And remember Sandy...this is Cisco's entry level certification.

    If worse comes to worse and you don't pass on the first least you'll know what taking the test is truly like and where you need to bone up. Also remember, pressure makes diamonds. As much as I hate it...some of my best work has been done when the heat was on. It's a real motivator to get things done. Just think of that lovely pint of ale you'll treat yourself to (I'd buy it for you myself if we lived within driving distance of each other) once to take and pass the thing.

    You'll be fine. We're all pulling for you. the Nike folks are fond of saying: "Just do it!"
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