The complete flow of ip address?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by oslon, Oct 16, 2023.

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    There is a need for respective legal authority(government) to track down a cyber criminal. Since the offense is not very critical, chances are low that we get the IP address from web server of the forum that the criminal was accessing.
    Say I am using www dot exampleforum dot com forums
    My IP can be stored in this server's IP address.
    But I'm accessing this server from my ISP internet. Say, you guys reject to share my IP address, would ISPs be able to track me based on my requests?
    Would that be a total brute force?
    Say we just know this much.
    The user is accessing www dot exampleforum dot com
    The username of the user is "testuser".
    User posted on "these dates, at this time".
    Can we trace back from this much information?
    - We don't know which ISP the user is using
    - The site that the person is accessing www dot exampleforum dot com isn't going to share the data that easily.
    - But ISPs can share it as they're national companies.

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