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    Remeber the song which was for children in need , ah well . Anyway im aiming to do the great north run next year, which is half a marathon , i need to know if anyone has a name for a forum i can join as i need help with all the diet side of it , ive managed to get a training plan and im not doing too bad at that , but i needd to know what good food to eat and what give out the best energy etc , and also what to avoid , id be grateful for any suggestions , best suggestion gets a mention in my winners speach
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    You could try Xeebra, it's another IT Forum I that I use, and a number of the members there got into health and fitness in a big way.

    It may be of some help, it may not!

    Other than that, sorry can't help!


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