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The best news

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by ffreeloader, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    my wife and I have had in years just passed through my ears. My wife's, and I've posted a little about what she has had to go through where she works, situation has just changed dramatically.

    Her boss, who was embezzling company funds, stealing products off the shelves, and trying her best to blame my wife and making her life at work absolutely miserable, was fired by the board of directors two weeks ago. Today they just made my wife the director, gave her a huge increase in benefits, and more than doubled her salary in one fell swoop.

    The board and the other employees came to her and asked her to take the job, so it says a lot of good things about her and her relationship with the people she works with. That's after her former boss did her level best to poison the relationship between her, the board of directors, and everyone she works with. I'm so proud of her I could just "bust my buttons". She went through hell for several years, did it with a tremendous amount of class and dignity, and she was just rewarded for it. I'm biased, but I have to say, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

    Way to go, Honey. You're #1 in my book.
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  2. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    thats lovely mate...
  3. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    That's great news Freddy. I'm made for you both :thumbleft
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  4. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Pass on my congrats Freddy.

    D*** heads like that always get their comeuppance in the end.

    Did your Wife never think of doing him in court for bullying? It could still be brought up and if the people there think that much of her then she may have chance at putting another nail in his coffin with there backing.
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  5. ManicMonkey

    ManicMonkey Kilobyte Poster

    He/She should at least be named and shamed somewhere imo, so that people can be wary of hiring them.
    Congrats to you and yours, should make work and home life a little less stresful (as i imagine they were for you both).
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  6. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Great news! :thumbleft
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  7. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    That is truly stagering news Freddy, congrats to you and yours for reaping the well deserved rewards of honesty, compassion and commitment. 8)
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  8. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Major congrats! :)
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  9. Jakamoko
    Honorary Member

    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Happy post :)
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  10. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    That sounds like great news freddy. Major congrats to you and your wife.
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  11. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Kewl! Great News, Freddy. :D
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  12. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Wonderful! My congrats to you both for toughing it out!

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  13. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    Thanks to all of you.

    I just can't tell you how much stress this is going to remove from us. Shannon would literally throw up before she went to work because she knew what kind of hell her boss would put her through that day, because it happened every work day for years. Plus, she made Shannon do the majority of job for her. All the while she was going to the board of directors and lying about Shannon trying to get her fired saying Shannon had a bad attitude and wasn't doing her job. She filled Shannon's personnel file so much crap it just isn't even funny. Not a damned bit of it was true either.

    These last two weeks my wife has gone to work with a smile on her face. It's so great to see her smile and be happy and enjoying life again. It's been a long time coming. She came home to tell me today and she was grinning from ear to ear. She just couldn't stop smiling.

    WoW. To actually be able to have food in the cupboards again is going to be pretty sweet. We've lived a long ways below the poverty level income-wise ever since I had to quit my hvac career, and this will put us back to where we can at least live as comfortable human beings again. It's enough to make a grown man cry after 8 years of hell. I already feel a couple of years younger and it's only been a couple of hours since we got the news.

    There's gonna be a party here tonight.....
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  14. Modey

    Modey Terabyte Poster

    Nice to hear good news like that Freddy, well done. I'm suprised your wife didn't just get out of there once it became seriously stressful just working there. I know you shouldn't have to if it's not your fault, but it can't have been good for her health.
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  15. newkoba

    newkoba Byte Poster

    thats awesome for you guys freddy. now if only we can find something like that for my wife... :biggrin (she's a stay at home mom, but if she could pay the bills i could be the stay at home dad)
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  16. Tinus1959

    Tinus1959 Gigabyte Poster

    That's great news Freddy, Congratulations.
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  17. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Congrats to the both of you but mostly to your wife freddy. It takes a lot of guts to put up with all the crap she had to put up with. It say's a lot for her character and I'm glad that she stuck with her principles all the way through this ordeal and didn't sink to her bosses level.
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  18. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    She applied at a few places, but was very afraid to apply anywhere because she felt that if she did, she would get fired if news got back to her boss. And, even if she hadn't gotten fired, she felt like her boss would stab in her in the back on reference checks anyway. In retrospect, after seeing what her boss had put in her personnel file, she was correct. Her boss would have, at the very least, blacklisted her. She would have made Shannon's life even more miserable afterwards as she would have actually taunted her about it.

    Her ex-boss is a devil woman. As far as I'm concerned, from what I've observed of her behavior over the last few years, she is at the least a sociopath, and possibly a psychopath. Here she was, a director of a local chapter of a national charitable organization, and she had business people around town convinced she personally owned the business. You think about the arrogance that it takes to tell such a lie, and the ability to tell that bald-faced lie so convincingly that local business people believed it, and you have some idea of the personality that my wife has had to deal with.

    When my wife started making calls taking her off the business insurance, canceling her cell phone, dealing with suppliers, etc... they wouldn't deal with my wife because "she" wasn't the "owner", her ex-boss was, and "she" was the only person authorized to make changes in any accounts or procedures. They had to have letters signed by the board of directors on paper with the organizational letterhead before they would accept the facts. That's how convincing that liar was. I think she was so self-deluded that she actually believed herself that she "owned" that organization.
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  19. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Sounds like a con-woman to me.

    Hope she get what she deserves.
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  20. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    I don't know if it's that simple. She had been there for 20 years. Even when the board of directors first had their accountant go through the books and find the evidence they still couldn't believe it. They still believed it was just honest mistakes, or that she would change her behavior, even though it had been happening for years.

    They gave her a second chance, and the woman never changed her behavior in the slightest. She didn't believe anyone could catch her, and even if they did she was immune to any consequences. That kind of arrogance is one of the hallmarks of a sociopath. They don't believe anyone is as smart as they are, and that no one is capable of seeing through them.

    You actually had to experience one of her changes from absolute sweetness and kindness one moment to vengeful arrogance and contempt in the next to believe she was capable of it. It was instantaneous, and unbelievable. The first time it happened to me my mouth just dropped open and I stared at her. I've never experienced anything like it in my life. If she'd never shown it to you, personally, you would have believed it impossible for her to act like that. I know that I thought my wife was over-reacting the first few times she told me about it. Then the woman did it to me, and I believed her after that. That woman has two sides to her personality that are as different as night and day. If all you've seen is one side of her, it's next to impossible to believe the other side exists in the same person because it is so completely opposite.
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