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    Well, I finally got paid by Zial for that network configuration job. I hadn't gotten a check by mail and, since we're in the same town and I'd submitted my invoice via e-mail and still no results, I called Chris (the boss) and asked what was up. Apparently, he'd forgotten (he didn't quite put it that way...said the invoice was right in front of him). He asked if I could come down to pick it up. I was busy (really was...wasn't playing games) so he agreed to get it out in the mail ASAP. It arrived the next day (yesterday). Assuming I get more jobs from these folks, I'd hate to have to bug them everytime I'm due to get paid.

    I also got an e-mail (along with about 20 other techs) from a recruiter in Virginia I've worked with a few times before (since most of you are in the UK, Virginia is on America's east coast...I'm about 3000 miles west of them). They're looking for techs to do some short term assignments in what amounts to five small towns in my state. The closest two are two and three hours away by car. I blasted them a reply with my updated resume attached and asked for some details. If I can make the time and we can arrange a schedule, I'd like to take the job (whatever it is). I like the role of the travelling techie. I'll let you know how it goes.
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