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Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by Sandy, Jul 24, 2003.


Have you or are you planning to do your MCSE via the 218 route

  1. I am a MCSE and did the 218 as an elective

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  2. I am a MCSE and did not do the 218 as an elective

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  3. I am currently working for my MCSE and plan to do the 218 as an elective

  4. I am currently working for my MCSE and do not plan to do the 218 as an elective

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  1. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    We all have our own feelings about the 218 option.

    For me I feel the MCSA qualification is a good one to get but feel the 218 should not be used as an elective towards the MCSE and yes I have told MS
  2. AndyL

    AndyL Nibble Poster

    I did take the 218 option and, in retrospect, I agree with McSmoothie. It's a bit of a soft option and covers no real new ground, especially since I had already done 216 (218 didn't exist until after I'd done 216) which covers much the same stuff only in more depth.

    That said, I'm NOT giving my MCSE back - I still reckon I've earned it by passing 216, 217 and 224 :eek:
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  3. Phil
    Honorary Member

    Phil Gigabyte Poster

    I'd agree with you both, I don't think 218 should be an elective, as andy says it doesn't cover any new ground. If you've done the mcse core 4 you should be able to take 218 with no problems.
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  4. Taz69

    Taz69 Byte Poster

    I've mixed feelings about the 218. As my current goal is the MCSA I'll be taking the 218.

    I think it is good to have a MCSA option which is on the way to the MCSE but maybe gaining the MCSA after doing the core 4 could have been a good option rather than having to do the 218 for the MCSA.
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