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    I don't know about the UK, but here in the US, IT jobs are being offshored left and right. Apparently, in the time honored tradition of the unions of the 1930s and later, IT workers here have decided to organize against further offshoring. The details can be found at
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    Good on them.

    A big technology company in our area who my Dad used to work for moved over to Poland for cheaper labour.The local people who lost their jobs can just go and rott as far as the company is concerned.

    I think this offshoring business is wrong wrong wrong :!:

    It's the ineffective upper-class ridden, dinosaurus outlook attituded, couldn't give a tos£ about their workers, directors who we should offshore.

    Or maybe that's just the ones I've encountered and heard about.This is especially true in medium sized companys in my area.
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    True, Trip - it's happening here too. To give an example,

    BT, our all-but-monopolised Telco, recently had its sole rights to its Directory Enquiries service withdrawn, so now there are around 15-20 companies offering the same service (mostly UK) with their workforces in India, South Africa, etc.

    Also, many IT call-centres are India-based. Without being disparaging in any way against the quality of workforce in these countries, it doesn't much inspire us looking for work in the UK.

    Still, I know it won't stop us striving for the qualifications to at least give us that chance.
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