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Technical Telephone Interview

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by happystew, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. happystew

    happystew Bit Poster


    Its been a while since i've posted but hopefully you can help

    I have a "Technical Telephone Interview" on Thursday and was hoping for any advice or any experiences of one.

    It's for a company prosource.it in Scotland, and i initiallly applied for posts on the vacancies part of there website but when i when for a HR interview in person i was told they seen my CV and thought i would fit into the company well.

    Anyway, i was told that the technical interview would be based around my CV (attached), so basically questions regarding it.

    Any experiences or advice welcome please?
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    Certifications: Bsc Hons Computer & Network Support
  2. Garethgtt

    Garethgtt New Member


    Having interviewed plenty of people and been interviewed plenty of times
    its virtually impossible to prepare for a technical interview because you never quite know what you will be asked.
    some will ask you loads od technical questions, command line functions, FSMO roles etc
    some will just talk about your cv and what youve done and not per sa ask you anything technical

    my advice to you would be - have you fluffed up or lied about your cv in anyway? - if not ace
    if you have be potentially prepared to be asked about somthing you might not know anything about

    my last technical interview was over the phone - it was the 4th interviw of 5 for 1 job!
    apparently in feedback he went away and told his FD he liked me - i was just asked about my CV, what my previous jobs entailed, what i did etc
    in reply to him asking me about somthing they did/used that i didnt know much about - i basically said to be honest ive seen that much and been in the industry for enough time to pick that up without a problem, its not exactly rocket science (which he laughed at) -usually thats what a technical interview entails - being asked what youve done by somone who wont glaze over when you mention active directory

    dont worry too much about it

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