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Technical Authors Needed

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by ciscopaul, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. ciscopaul

    ciscopaul Bit Poster

    Hi Guys,

    I hope this is okay with the moderators. I am writing several whitepapers for Cisco labs and and study guides and working on IPv6 stuff at the moment. I am going to need some help with other whitepapers as I simply don't have the time to do it all.

    Please read the below if you think you are up to the challenge of writing some CCNA level whitepapers for students to use to stdy for their exam:

    I am looking for CCNP or higher to submit articles to a brand new CCNA certification site at http://www.howtonetwork.net

    The current content is relevant to the current CCNA but it will expire shortly and only the new CCNA 640-802 will be available. I have written over 700 pages of CCNA content but am now busy markting the site so don't have much time to add all the necessary new content.

    If you feel you can contribute a white paper on any of the below please let me know. I will need background details of your experience, Cisco qualifications and see proof of your ability to express technical concepts in a way that pre-CCNA level students will be able to understand. If you are interested please submit a 2 page word doc with some sample content relevant to the subject you wish to write about to the e-mail below.

    The finished article will need to feature:

    1. An introduction to what the student will learn
    2. An explanation of the basics of the subject step by step
    3. Relevant jpegs of how it works (see www.howtonetwork.net)
    4. Output from router or switch if applicable as you configure it
    5. Summary of what the student has learned
    6. Hands on lab if applicable

    Here are the subjects I need white papers on:

    Cisco wireless networking including wirless security
    1. DHCP and DNS on routers (and how to configure)
    2. Network security basics inclucing vpn (and how to configure)
    3. Switch security
    4. RSTP,PVSTP,VTP and how to configure on switches/routers
    5. IPv6

    Please ensure you check the current Cisco CCNA learning requirements relevant to the above subject areas which is here:


    If you are allocated the project you will be given free membership to www.howtonetwork.net so you can see the style the current articles are written in and of course payment which will be discussed after you submit your sample.

    If you want to apply please send your details and the sample article to [email protected]

    Many thanks

    Paul Browning

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