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Taking exam this Friday... Some questions

Discussion in 'A+' started by Eggbert, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Eggbert

    Eggbert Bit Poster

    Hello all. I am taking the 601 exam in a couple of days. I passed the first prep logic practice exam with a score of 795/900, but some of the questions about health safety really stumped me, such as "what form do you need to fill out in the event of XXX" I honestly had NO idea what-so-ever. I did very badly in that category.

    I have the Mike Meyers passport book, but it doesn't cover those topics at all, and I assume the types of forms people need to fill out vary from country to country and company to company.

    Anyone know where I can obtain some reading material on this topic? I am in Australia.

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  2. Broman

    Broman New Member

    most of the questions like safety and stuff, are mostly common sense.

    Just choose the one that sounds the most sane

    read up on msds, fire safety and you should fine.

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