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Take a look!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by elli5on, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. elli5on

    elli5on Kilobyte Poster

    Hi guys, whilst browsing around local jobs sections amongst the huge internet. I stumbled across the following site.


    Having registered for this and uploading my CV i have applied for a number of I.T positions available. Believe me, there are plenty to choose from.

    Good luck folks.

    Hope this help's in your quest's to become millionaire's :D


    Always a pleasure
    Certifications: A+ N+
    WIP: Thinking of MCDST
  2. postal postie

    postal postie Nibble Poster

    i've appolied for loads and got 1 phone call back :) the guy sounded like he hadn't even read my CV because he thought it said i was out of a job at the moment when i wasn't.

    still applying though. still hoping :)
  3. Fire guy

    Fire guy Bit Poster

    Most of the jobs I have applied for have been posted on the Reed site.
    I went for an interview on Monday as a result of one of them which I thought went really well. The interviewer said that I would hear from them in a couple of days and it is now Thursday and nothing yet. I wish they would put me out of my misery one way of the other.
    Certifications: A+
    WIP: N+

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