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    Was not sure which forum to put this in really but I would like for you guys to make any suggestions for my up and coming business me and my missus are going to be starting very soon I hope. I have had this idea ever since I started in IT and last year I was thinking up of names I could call my company and the one that stuck out was Must Have A PC. and how did I get to that I hear you all ask? Well my surname is Mustapha so if you say the titale quick enough in your head it will read Must-hav-a-PC. Genius of what. but I am not sure if its catchy yet altho Lou likes it. So I would like for you all to put your boff heads 2gether and think of a name. and Jak nowt to derogatory please :dry knowing you....hahaha. Oh also i have started up a website too and if anyone would like to know what it looks like before I get it finished PM me your email addresses and I'll be glad to send it you. Just so you know my company will be based on building, reparing, upgrading PCs and also software and internet installation and configuration and also basic networking (till I am Network+ cert that is).
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