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    guys, i think i may have been stuffed! i bought the A+ course from micro2000 for 240 quid. now, looking at the course book, it seems a bit basic - it only really mentions POST codes, doesnt make any mention of a pcmcia cards CIS. i only really noticed this because i did an adaptive test on the cd bundled with the course, and it asked questions about a keyboard error POST code, and the PCMCIA. i was comparing it to the meyers all in one book, and that certainly seems a sh1tload more detailed.

    has anyone else seen the micro2000 course book and can comment? or if not - can someone whos recently sat the test and knows what you need to know give me some examples of what SHOULD be in it? if its not up to scratch like i suspect, there'll be hell to pay. im not prepared to pay 240 quid for a course which wont even scrape me a pass.

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    Not so good, Mate. I can't comment, as I don't know the book you refer too, but I know the Meyers book goes into a lot of detail in a lot of areas. Certainly the edition I used was night on 800-900 pages from memory.

    Hope you get sorted out on this.
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    what sort of course have you paid for? is it just for a book? if so i thnk you got ripped
    or is it for a course, either CBT or Instructor based?
    that would be different

    I Recommend the Que A+ book followed by the Exam Cram 2, they accompany each other and if you know a bit about computers, have a machine or two spare, and have the will power, its a darn site cheaper than paying for any form of course, however if you need the course, go for it

    240 for a book sounds outrageous, course material or not
    however if its part of a broader course spectrum, id need to know more to comment
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    I'm not familiar with the book or course but at least by the way you describe it, I sadly have to agree with the consensus and say that you appear to have been ripped off. Frankly, I'd have to say that either the Mike Meyers book or anything by Scott Mueller is about the best you can get. Sorry. :(
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  5. Fergal1982

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    its a distance learning course through micro2000. i know they supply updates to the course if things change within a year of purchase. but other than that i think they just supply the books.

    looking at the review stuff at the start of each chapter in meyers, i think the micro2000 stuff DOES cover the course requirements......just! and barely

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