Studying for 70-697 and need help with the tools mentioned in the book

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    I began studying for exam 70-697 using William Panek's book from Sybex. Everything was going well until I got to where it instructs me to open the ICD program. I opened ICD and none of the screens match what's on the book. So I thought that an earlier version of the ADK was needed and downloaded & installed that. This time there was no ICD to be found. Since the book is about Windows 10, at first I had downloaded the latest MDT and ADK versions available.

    First kits installed: MDT 2013 latest and Windows 10 ADK for build 1803

    Since the book's screenshots didn't match, I removed the Windows 10 ADK and installed the Windows 7 AIK. That's where the ICD was no where to be found.

    My next foray would be to install ADK for Windows 8 and hope it has the correct ICD that matches the book's screenshots.

    You know, I understand is laborious and time consuming to write a book. However, when one purchases a technical book, authors should include the specific versions of software used to put the book together. It's frustrating to say the least. I'd like to purchase the book, read through it, study, practice and take the test. It should be all inclusive experience and we shouldn't have to spend countless hours trying to decipher what software version was used during the book's writing.

    Sorry for my griping, but these guys want our hard earned money and sometimes I feel like they don't even understand our career field. That they're just out to get our money.

    Thank you.
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    I haven't done the Windows 10 exams, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just go through the steps and find the settings that he's referring to in the book and whatever version you're using and get the gist of the basic steps of the configuration. I had this same thing when I was doing a Windows 7 cert with MDT or something.

    If you're planning on doing a lot of MS exams, you need to get used to the books NOT being all inclusive. That's just the way they are, with most exam vendors in fact, but especially Microsoft. I'm writing notes for 70-533 now, and I have 35 URLs in the notes for stuff not in the press book. That's just the nature of the beast.
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    Edit: double post
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    I believe the layout and design of MDT may have been updated therefore it may look different than the book you have that was published at a later date.
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    Many tech books have errors – finding out the issues for yourself is part of the learning though!

    Went on a MS Exchange 2016 course just after it was released – lots of errors in the shell commands but good learning figuring it out and writing some notes in the book. :)
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