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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Pakster, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Pakster

    Pakster Bit Poster

    I havnt been to any kind of school for more than 7 years. I have totally forgotten how to study.
    Now i have decided that i want to do the MCSA, but that means alot of studying, reading, and keeping concentrated for long periods of time.

    So how do you do all this? To you have a plan for your studying? Do you have special tools you use to keep studying?

    Do you make a long and short term plan with goals. Or is it all just random reading when you feel like it?

    I found this site with some help on how to manage my studying. Do you have other sites, guides?
    Certifications: MCP 70-290
    WIP: 70-291?
  2. VantageIsle

    VantageIsle Kilobyte Poster

    Only you can measure yourself with regards on how you will learn.

    Best advice is to pick up the book and start reading, half hour or perhaps an hour for the first few days. If you feel like its sinking in, read a bit longer.

    Never force it, if its not going in...STOP, take five and try again later.

    Make notes, if something is not explained to well, google it or search forums like certforums or ask, there is a few helpful bods on these forums people will help you out :biggrin

    Yes, set yourself a goal by all means, but the best thing to do is just get stuck in and open those books.

    Best of luck.
    Certifications: A+, ITIL V3, MCSA, MCITP:EST, CCENT, 70-432-SQL, 70-401 SCCM
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  3. Naive

    Naive Byte Poster

    above info is spot on^

    To expand a little. There isn't a 'right' way to study, you just have to find a way that helps you soak up the knowledge. Be it, taking notes, reading it in one go, eating the book. But I wouldn't recommend any more than 1hour a day personally, some folk can but I think there's only so much your brain can take in one session before soaking the info starts to get tedious. I also think the destination you choose to study can be important, try to find a relaxed place where you are less likely to be interrupted

    HTH and best of luck with your studies :D
  4. Pakster

    Pakster Bit Poster

    I think you are right when you say there isnt a right way to study.
    And i think i know what is the right way for me, and so far it hasnt been self study. I need a teacher and a class. I need the pressure of homework.

    But still i will give it a try starting with 70-290, and if i dont succeed i think that a bachelor in it security at the university is the right way for me. Even though i dont get paid, and there still is a lot of selfstudy involved.
    Certifications: MCP 70-290
    WIP: 70-291?

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