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Strangest reject call ever

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by parman05, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. parman05

    parman05 Byte Poster

    I have been in the process of applying for a job. There was 2 interviews. It was for a technical support consultant 1 position. I found out about the job. I didn't get it. :-( they said it was close between me and someone else but the other person had experience in an enterprise environment. Now for the crazy part.

    During the interview we talked about some of the programming I have done in the past, so when he called me he wanted to know if I would be interested in talking with the application and development team about a possible job because one might be coming up.
    This really threw me off. He knows that I don't have any experience in the languages they use.

    This is my problem. I like programming but then all my schooling goes to waste. Plus I still have 8 months of schooling left. And I would need to learn 2 new languages. I never though anything like this could happen lol. Strangest reject call ever.

    Whats your perspective on this whole ordeal?
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  2. barrixrock

    barrixrock Bit Poster

    bummer.. find another interview. i would be confused too. i haven't done prog..
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  3. ade1982

    ade1982 Megabyte Poster

    What languages ... If it is Java EE, I would look elsewhere as it is difficult to pick up quickly.
  4. parman05

    parman05 Byte Poster

    Its java and c#. They know I have no experience in either language.

    I taught myself c 5 years ago but I haven't touched it in 3 or 4 years now. I write LISP programs for autocad for my current employer. I also touched a little python but I never got heavy into it.

    To add its a state job that pays decent for starting out.
    Certifications: A+, Network +, MCTS WIN7 (70-680), MCITP WIN7 (70-685), MCSA WIN7, Linux +,LPIC-1, Novell CLA 11, SUSE 11 Tech Spec, DC Tech Spec
    WIP: 70-640, 70-642, security +, CCNA
  5. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    I've gotten one of those calls before... they tell you're not a good fit for a certain position, but then offer you another possibility in a different team. In my case, I applied for a senior position and they thought (partially my fault due to not having the best CV) I was more junior. Anyways ended up not taking the job and finding something else.
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  6. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    If you want to get into programming and they are prepared to train you up for 1-2 years then it sounds like an excellent opportunity.

    Realistically you won't be much use to them for the first year most likely, but you will be getting valuable experience.

    Don't necessarily be worried about how difficult things are if the employer is supportive and prepared to back you for a reasonable period.

    Learning two new programming languages at once is probably going to be too much so be careful to let them know your reservations.

    It does sound a bit strange in that most places will not touch any programmer with less than two years experience in the language that they want. Even then they are often taking a risk. It sounds like they just want someone extremely cheap and this is the only way they can get it.

    See if you can put your schooling on hold and make up credit later etc. That way if it does not work out you don't lose anything.

    Junior programmer rates start at around 25k.

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