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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by noelg24, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I have started advertising for people who have old and unused PCs to bring them along and unless they want money for it I am happy to take it for nowt...tonight whilst me and the missus were cleaning the flat, a guy who I can only describe as desperate and dodgy looking brought in a laptop, which looked like it had been stolen. he first said to me he was out of a job and needed money. he said he bought the laptop for about £2,500 (yeah right!!) and he only had it 9 months. I said to him I dont really deal with laptops. he said the problem with it was that it needed a 'powerboard' as he called it...he was talking about the mobo...I thought to meself, how is that possible? but when he turned it on...there was nothing...not a flicker on the screen...I said to him if I had the money I would give him £300-£400, but I didnt even have £100 let alone that amount. this guy looked like he really wanted to get rid of this laptop. So he went away and 5 min later he came back this time saying he has spoken to his missus and she said to take the £100...but I said to him I dont have the money and as I said earlier I dont deal with laptops...he basically turned round and your not interested? and I said yeah sorry I am not..and with that he just left. after careful thinking, I have decided to change my ads and this time put EXCLUDES LAPTOPS!!! the worst part of it was, all he had was the laptop and the adapter, no CDs wotsoever. glad I didnt take it...but it had me thinking...what if I did buy it off him? if the motherboard was going to cost him £500 from PC World to repair it what good will it do for me? and now i think about it, if he bought it from PC World 9 months ago wont it still be under warranty? theres one for u to think about guys...just thought I would say it...
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    Sounds WELL-dodgy NoelG. Good shout (mind you - would have been interesting to give him a tenner for it, then plug it in to the mains :wink: )
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    So basically, your taking computers off peoples hands for free, your advertising for people to give you thier old PCs, so why on earth NOT take laptops? its not like you were looking to pay for any of this equipment anyway, and knowing laptops is a sound part of any IT persons resume

    secondly, your unlikley to be finding replacement boards for laptops at pcworld, its usually manufacturer return only, and the laptop may well of been under warranty

    can't say i would of payed 100 quid for it though, good call
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    yes phoenix I am taking peoples old machines...but laptops are not my forté...I know I would have taken it from him for about £10 but I thought this is not right and didnt bother with good job I turned him away...haha...
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    I agree, good call NoelG definetly knicked or off the back of a lorry, if there is a difference?

    New system board for a laptop costs about the same a new laptop so it makes lots of sense to always get an extended warranty.

    Just out of interest I have had to claim twice from my global extended warranty for my own HP laptop. First it needed a new system board (mobo) and secondly the backlight to the screen went out and it needed a complete new display. Both of these faults would have been too expensive to bother fixing without the extended warranty my lappy would have died twice already.

    Bad news is the warranty has now expired and the screen is starting to flicker again now and again :rolleyes:

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