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Starting my first IT job tomorrow.. any tips?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by demarrer, May 25, 2008.

  1. demarrer

    demarrer Byte Poster


    I finally landed myself a first job in IT and am starting tomorrow. Feeling really chuffed and actually getting a bit nervous. I'm working for a really large company but in a small team of 5 techs and tomorrow all I know is we are doing an office move, updgrades, installations, client serveurs the works....

    So my question is, any tips for a new guy on his first day ....and any do's and dont's with regards to the office move?

    Here goes nothing!!!!


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  2. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Major congrats!

    DO: Listen to those who have been there a while. Ask a few questions... and then listen some more. Find out how they do everything. Learn THEIR ways, which may or may not be the textbook way of doing things. I guarantee you'll find out in the first few days how different "theoretical book knowledge" is from "practical hands-on business IT experience". And now you get to actually experience it!! :)

    DON'T: Tell them that what they're doing is wrong... even if it seems as if it is. Sure, you can ask them why they favor one way over another... but don't tell them that you'd NEVER do such-and-such that way. Certainly you can strive to improve procedures there... but there **is** a reason why they do things the way they do them. :) Once you've built up some time there, and you get to experience how things are and why things are done the way they are, your advice will be more and more welcomed, and your suggestions will be implemented more and more often. :)
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  3. demarrer

    demarrer Byte Poster

    cheers for the advice. The real life experience part has just dawned on me. This evening I was thinking, o.k I can do it as the book says and at home, but can I handle applying all this knowledge in the real world and get paid for doing it! Looks like I'm about to find out.

    For the first time in ages I feel excited about going to work not that total sinking feeling each morning I had with my last job. Also, I'm so pleased that this first role is "hands on" - just hoping now that my french is up to the mark!

    O.k - so listen and learn.
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  4. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    First of all, congratulations on the new job.

    Office moves are usually well "scripted". That is, the steps for moving equipment to a new office have already been worked out in advance (like I said..."usually"), so on your first day on the job, you probably won't run into a situation where you have to think on your feet and quickly improvise a (correct) solution to an unforeseen problem.

    Also, as the "newbie" on the team, you'll probably be assigned a lot of the lifting and unpacking chores, so eat a big breakfast tomorrow morning. I'll echo what Michael said, take your lead from the team. They'll let you know what you need to be doing. If you don't understand something, ask...don't assume they've goofed or that you have a better solution. This is a learning experience, so learn.

    This sort of task is a lot of hard work but it also can be fun. Enjoy.
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  5. vgarg

    vgarg Nibble Poster

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  6. NightWalker

    NightWalker Gigabyte Poster

    Good luck. Starting a new job is always hard, even more so if it’s one you have not done before, but none of us were born knowing how to administer computers! BM gave some good advice, I second that really.
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  7. Notes_Bloke

    Notes_Bloke Terabyte Poster

    Good luck:D

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  8. Ence

    Ence Kilobyte Poster

    best of luck demarrer

    wize words BosonMichael C&P
  9. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    Try to relax and don't too nervous and show the initiative and willingness to learn. Best wishes as am sure you'd be just fine.
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  10. disarm

    disarm Byte Poster

    It's going to be standard stuff really, and if you're interested in IT in any form then you'll pick it up quite quickly. They're not going to ask you to administer the corporate WAN on your first day. Go in there feeling confident and you'll be fine.
  11. fortch

    fortch Kilobyte Poster

    BM hit the nail on the head... and yes, they are not expecting any big decisions from you anytime soon. Ears and eyes open, mouth somewhat reserved, and work as directed. Everyone's nervous on the first day, so that's no big deal, but don't hide your excitement or happiness -- people like working with positivity. Be willing to help wherever needed, and work hard. Take it from an IT guy, in a new job, that builds desks, chairs, and cubicles too :biggrin
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