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starting Java for beginners

Discussion in 'Scripting & Programming' started by mallet, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. mallet

    mallet Kilobyte Poster

    I want to start learning more about Java, I just started going through the Java tutorials:

    however, it feels like a real struggle learning a new topic each time. I only just touched the classes and object section and its quite hard grasping it. Iam really confused what I should be learning. I Honestly woundt be lost if Sun java would point were Chapter 2 and 4 were on the tutorials :dry
    My intention is to make 3d Java games and I wanted to know what the correct path on going around to getting this?
    I have installed java JDK and run the helloworld command and got it working. that how far I gotten Iam still trying to get my basic understanding of objects and classes and not started making any sort of java application on a web browser :(

    Any advise would be great.

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  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Just get a good book on Java, Addison Wesley do some good ones and alot of People like Kathy Serria and Bert Bates offerings. They also hang out at the www.javaranch.com a good site for everything Java and has tutorials.

    The sun examples are often a little dry and sometimes ironically are not the best place to start.

    While it is certainly possible to write basic 3D games in Java I would stick my neck out and say that Java is probably not really the best language in general to write 3D games.
  3. grim

    grim Gigabyte Poster

    only advice i can give is keep at it, it will stick sooner or later. i had to do 2D and 3D java at uni, i'm not fluent in any language so your first is always gonna be the toughest. i found writing some some simple code learning how it works, commenting it and then trying to add more functionality to it then learning and commenting it. After a while you get to know what does what and you slowly build up your own little knowledge base.

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  4. BosonJosh

    BosonJosh Gigabyte Poster

    What dmarsh26 said. Javaranch is a great place to go to get information and reviews. Although a little dated now, I personally liked K.N. King's Java from the Beginning. It goes through a lot of programming basics that will apply even with the newer version of Java.

    Before trying to write games, I would suggest starting at the beginning and learning the basics of programming. Writing games requires knowledge of a LOT of different APIs and can easily get overwhelming. As you build knowledge, you will naturally progress. Not to dissuade you from your end goal, but I programmed full time for 2 years before moving back into writing and I was nowhere near being ready to write modern "3d games." Programming is a long-term commitment, IMHO. But, keep at it. You'll get there. Best of luck!
  5. mallet

    mallet Kilobyte Poster

    just pure awesomeness, thanks guys for the advise. Atleast now I have targets to aim now :biggrin. I will report if run into any problems :)

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  6. Mathematix

    Mathematix Megabyte Poster

    Wise words, BosonJosh!

    Games are never a good starting point, I've seen them all too often put budding programmers off for good. Approach games one you are comfy with the language and find it easy to code many challenging tasks.
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