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Starting from 70-299 (Requesting Information) "if any"

Discussion in 'Security Exams' started by JukE, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. JukE

    JukE New Member

    Well let me give you a bref run down of what I have done and what I have worked with. As of right now the only Cert I have are from the Army and there kinda run down and dirty. I have alot of exp in the field of network administration. Right now I am a network Administrator for a unit in Iraq. Working with Active Directory & Exchange Server with around 400 end systems.

    Although I have worked in this field for around a 1 1/2 years I can not say I have mastered it. Network Troublshooting is one thing though I do have alot of exp in. The I have studied the CompTIA Networking+ and also Security+. My MOS in the millitary is a 25u witch I had around 13 weeks of training in Networking+, A+, Windows XP Pro, Microsoft Office Suite 2003, Basic CCNA and along with a extra 2 weeks working with TCP/IP protocals.

    Right After Training I worked as a A+ Tech for a Small Computer Repair company. This is were I gained alot of exp troubleshooting and repairing computer problems. I worked this job for around 1 year.

    I was giving a offer to goto Iraq as a System LAN Administrator and had to leave the PC company. Now it has been a year later and I am in need for REAL Certs. I just found out my tour is not going to last as long as they first told me. I will not be staying a full 2 year and I need to set myself up for the time I will be home.

    Here is a list of all the Books and Tools I have at this point:
    Complete MCSE core books
    299 ( PrepLogic 1st bunlde from a unlimited account that I will hold for the next 2 years)
    This includes the complete Video Training, Audio, Exams, Testing Tools, and the complete pdf witch I have
    already printed out and am going through it.)

    Now from all the books I have, I only really "looked" through them and have not done any really depth study. The 291 though I have.

    My Question is simple, I need to setup a training program for my self. Weekly setup of this program can be completed. I have around 16 hours aday I am going to apply for the Next 60 weeks. My Goal is to Gain my MCSE: Security. I also Wish to Complete the ECH, after witch apply for the NSA.

    I have looked through the forum and didnt really seen anything that could fit my needs:

    What I think...

    Starting with the 70-299, Witch is not that long of a book(Complete in 4 weeks or less)
    (After complete the book I will take a Study Exam every 2 days until Test day)

    The Next Step is I dont know witch would be better. I know that Windows XP Pro is used, but will it stay that way? Should I take the XP Pro or Vista?


    ... I really dont know What I want I should just go work Fast [email protected]!
    Certifications: Army SkilSoft: A+, N+
    WIP: 70-270, 70-299, 70-291,
  2. The_Dark_Side

    The_Dark_Side Bit Poster

    Hi Juke,
    Good question!
    Some of my colleagues asked me the same thing recently.
    It depends on which qualification you are looking for.
    You see, for the 2003 based MCSE using 291, 292, 293, 294 you are using the XP Pro operating system, but if you want entry level Vista based qualifications, the new MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) may be more apropriate, or the more advanced, MCITP (Microsoft certified IT Professional) although it does not focus on your current strengths.
    You can see upto date MCTS & MCITP qualifications at http://www.e-careers.co.uk/online-training-courses/Microsoft-Training.html
    Personally I would focus on your MCSE and complete an upgrade exam when available.
    Most companies use 2000/2003 and will not require a MCSE (Vista based) for several years yet. :(
    Your training for MCSE 2003 is your best path especially if you have training material already!

    Good luck
  3. JukE

    JukE New Member

    Well, I am thinking of it in this matter. I know Windows XP Pro and have worked with it for years, can you stack it? Such as having the XP,Vista just so you can wave your finger in air and go HaHA look at me.

    Windows 7.. Ive heard little on it but this might be a for why I dont take the Vista..
    Certifications: Army SkilSoft: A+, N+
    WIP: 70-270, 70-299, 70-291,
  4. Asterix

    Asterix Megabyte Poster

    Not sure if Juke hangs around CF these days but i would be really intested to hear how he progressed with this one and whether he did "just go work Fast Food" :p

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