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Starting again

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by AndrewPS, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. AndrewPS

    AndrewPS New Member

    Older and wiser after my experience with Apprenta ( and wishing I'd known eighteen months ago what I know now), I'm thinking of starting again, this time at a university rather than a private organisation.

    The two I'm looking most closely at are Cardiff University and University of Glamorgan. Both courses are intended for people with bachelor's degrees in a non-IT discipline. Mine is in business management from a prestigious American university (although it's not too well known in the UK) Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah.

    University of Glamorgan M.Sc Computer Science

    Cardiff University M.Sc. Computer Science

    Glamorgan is £3700 for the one-year course. Cardiff is £3200 (also a one-year course). As a Welsh citizen, I can also get a £1800 grant, and I may also be eligible for a scholarship of a few hundred pounds.

    Not a bad deal, all in all, I'm thinking ... but that's what I thought about Apprenta -- death be upon them!

    So, does anybody have experience of these universities?

    Glamorgan boasts of its very high rate of graduates who obtain employment after its M.Sc. Can any knowledgeable people comment on the demand for M.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc. Business Management?

    I've read the other threads about degrees versus certs, and I'm had a look at the general job market, and I'm feeling encouraged so far.

    Oh and, admin has told me that I can't post my long and dismal story about ICS London / Apprenta / Computer Futures Online / whatever they're calling themselves this week. My short advice is avoid them like bubonic plague. If you want further details, private message me, and I will take great joy in informing you thoroughly!
  2. Headache

    Headache Gigabyte Poster

    Great !

    Goodluck with whatever choice you decide to make.
    Certifications: CCNA

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