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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by ant2005uk, Jul 3, 2005.

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    Hey all hows it going? I start my first IT job 2moro, as an Junior IT tech at the college where I work. I am looking forward to doing something that I actually want to do long term at last and will look forward to gaining some valuable experience. Has anyone here ever worked as a techie in an educational environment and know what im likely to expect? the types of faults? etc. From what I understand I will be supporting win xp pro and server 2k3, and theres alot of networking involved (will be interesting as never had exposure to this before). Wish me luck :D
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    Best of luck, Ant - let us know how you get on :thumbleft
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    Can't answer your specific question but I do want to wish you luck with your new job tomorrow. I'm sure you'll have a blast. Let us know how it goes. :D
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    Congratulations on the new job! :alc

    I work in a "comprehensive" school (actually one of those Specialist College farces!) as an ICT Technician so I don't know if you'll be doing similar work or not. I actually get more into the running of the Network than most in similar jobs due to the fact our proper Network Manager really hasn't got a clue! In your case, hands on with the Network will probably depend on your Network Manager (I went to one interview where the NM made it pretty clear he didn't open machines so any Network related issues was his domain and nobody elses!).

    Day to day is pretty mundane - changing passwords, replacing mice, restoring deleted work, installing software, etc. Actual repairs will, again, depend on the place of work - if it's old and short of money (like my school) you get a lot of hands on experience (they break down a lot and it's up to you to fix them) in better establishments (probably your college!) there's not much repairs to do (usually newish machines covered by the warranty so most of your time will be spent chasing up suppliers!).

    If you think our jobs may be similar and want any more info feel free to PM me...
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    I've done some contracting for my old secondary school (Win2k3 migration, gigabit network upgrade, re cabling etc) as my best mate is the network manager, to be honest he calls me most days to have a good moan about his boss

    Schools are generally low budget facilities so you will be expected to make the most of the little resources you have, this can become a bit of a headache, but theres not many ways around it, also your stuck dealing with standard school politics, but you do tend to have alot more freedom control over your systems than if you worked at an investment bank, good luck in your new role! :)
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