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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Fergal1982, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Fergal1982

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    Hey guys,

    ive noticed recently that a lot of people suggest adaware and spybot when dealing with problems with spyware, etc.

    firstly, i have to say that the recent version of spybot really annoys me, every time i try to install it, it installs features that i dont like - for instance, it autoloads itself at windows startup, running in the background. something i dont want, and switching off the 'load at startup' feature doesn't seem to help. in the end i uninstalled it, and i STILL occasionally get errors at startup about spybot missing files!

    however, the reason for this post is simple. i have a program that i use called bazooka which i think is great. it does require manual editing of the registry and manual deletion of files. but the pages tell you a step by step removal process.

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    Thanks Fergal, I might just check this out.
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    I also ran into a major problem with Spybot S&D running on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server domain controller. I was experiencing a very slow machine, apps would take minutes to initialise and I was getting system event errors every minute because the DNS cache service was unable to access the DNS cache. It turned out (after an hour googling the event) that Spybot fills your HOSTS file with hundreds of entries pointing to the loopback address. The idea is to protect you from being re-directed to sites that are known to host malware. Unfortunately, because the HOSTS file contents are loaded into memory and because the modified HOSTS file is so large it basically crashed the caching all together.

    Renaming the HOSTS file backup that Spybot created and deleting the modified version, plus a re-start fixed the problem. Watch out for this!

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out now :D

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