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Sort of new to this

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by RonNYC, May 15, 2017.

  1. RonNYC

    RonNYC New Member

    Hi. So I'm trying to figure out the best approach for me to turn my career around, if its not too late. I've been a developer (Windows) for many years. BUT, gradually, the field and my skills have parted ways. Most .NET jobs requirements also look for experience with Angular and other JS products, among other things which I do not have. I could study Angular (not to pick on it; there are others) and maybe sound like I know something in an interview but I feel this would be a waste of time as I've never used it in a production environment. I have Network+ and Security+ certs but never used them in a job. My last major job was a year supporting a very large suite of applications, mostly in VB.NET and some C# (web services), ASP.NET, etc., which were due to be sunsetted and they were. It was a consulting job. That was in 2015. 2016 was basically a desert for me.

    SO rather than try to paper over the holes in my resume, I thought I should go after Microsoft certifications as a way to vouch for my skills and knowledge. I do not mind entry level type work. Everyone has to prove themselves in the current environment.

    I just need to get back into IT but with the huge number of cert tracks available, I'm t a loss which is best for me. I'm a .NET dev with some (minor) networking exp; some knowledge of SQL Server (up to 2016) as a .NET dev. That is I'm not a DBA type but I know enough use T-SQL in a .NET app.I also know some ASM as I started in assembly language.

    Would going for a WIndows 10 installation/maintenance/deployment cert be a good place to start? What about Server 2012? Or...? If anyone has been in my situation and worked their way out of it I'd greatly appreciate input.

    I started looking at Cisco ICND1 but I cannot run the iOS in a VM as I cannot afford to buy the iOS. I was making progress with it but as I'm not much of a wire crimper type of guy, I'm not sure what use this would be.

    Again, any input is greatly appreciate.


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