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some job advice please

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by 85head, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. 85head

    85head New Member

    hey everyone, i am looking for job advice and how i should get into the area of ict support.
    Well i finished Uni coming up to two years now and i'm still struggling to land myself an ict support and i'm wondering if there any friendly advice that you guys could give me on how i can finally start me career.

    Well i'm 23 (coming close to 24 now :-( ), what i would call my ideal job to start off with would be a ICT Technician as be a great learning experiences for me. I don't have too much experience behind me but i have done some voluntary work as a ICT Technician for a few months after i left uni for a company and i also have some experience working in a school but it is in the admin and as a Exam Invigilating.

    Well now i'm just getting down beat i'm getting really bored and depressed that the fact it almost 2 years since i left uni and i'm still not in full time employment and that i'm a million miles away from what i really would like to achieve in my life and it kinda making me depressed over it :(, any advice would be great.

    Many Thanks
  2. JK2447
    Highly Decorated Member Award 500 Likes Award

    JK2447 Petabyte Poster Administrator

    Chin up mate. The fact that you have a degree shows you can learn complex information which is perfect for IT. A lot of the guys on here start out looking into CompTIA's A+ qualification, then move onto the N+. They are a great place to start off.

    Unfortunately the hardest thing in IT is getting your lucky break. I applied for a job as an office worker after my A Levels in a big company and 6 weeks later an internal only vacancy came up working with Mainframes. The rest is history.

    Try searching the job sites putting in Trainee or Junior. Jobserve and CWJOBS are good for IT. Don't worry if you start at the bottom because nearly all of us have. If your lucky like me, once your foot is in the door, your career aspirations will be met very quickly if you are bright and hard working.
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  3. Metalstar

    Metalstar Kilobyte Poster

    Like JK says, chin up. If you keep working at it you will get the lucky break that you need to get into the industry. I'd definitely recommend doing as much volunteer work as possible before you find your 1st role. The experience will help and I always learn something new at each volunteer job I do and its a break from the regular routine.

    Leave your details with the folks who you help out and there just might be chance they pass them on to someone willing to take you on. I have found a couple of weekend projects doing this, they usually pay you very well for just a few hours aswell.

    There are opportunities out there for you, until they crop up, try to get some entry level certs and as much experience as possible.
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  4. Jiser

    Jiser Kilobyte Poster

    Keep applying for jobs. Sooner or later you will get one. If your not, maybe there is something wrong with interview technique. Ask for feedback allways and try to improve from there. Don't take things as a knock down, look on things as an opportunity to improve yourself for the better.

    For my placement job back in 06/07 I had interviews all over the place, even when I went for interviews recently I still go red and my head goes a bit funny.

    Dono why but hey. I managed to get the job I am in now though.

    As others have said get those entry level certs. The key is once you got that first job is to allways be learning (Allthough hard - I stil haven't managed to master self study even tho I got a degree same as you (lazyness)). Look around in areas to improve and move on once things get stale. End of the day not many people are going to care how well off you are apart from youself and the company in how much they can get away with not paying you.
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  5. 85head

    85head New Member

    cheers guys for the advice, i guess i was feeling pretty down that day but i guess there a few people in the same place that i am in. But it get depressing when i start to think about :(, but being the english man that i am i must show a stiff upper lip :biggrin

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