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Some advise Please

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by jasonavfc, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. jasonavfc

    jasonavfc New Member

    My back ground is CAD/CAM programming for over 12 years, but due to being made redundant & finding it hard to get a job in this field so I went in to IT. I got a job with BT as Home/ Business IT engineer, with little training I was put straight into the field supporting customers with IT issues. Being put on the spot I was able to sort out problems very quickly, I would Install / trouble shoot , ADSL Broadband, Routers, Wireless networks, Software, Printers you name it we did it for a small charge, Plus up selling any of BT’s IT products while on site. I received over 25 customer service feedbacks emails to say how excellence the service was, plus I received award off BT for Excellence in the field. But after 18 months BT laid me off (+ 49 others). I would like to stay in IT so the advice I’m after is what training should I do? I think I should do A+ N+ to do a similar role. I’ve looked around the net for courses but being put off by all crap from these training companies.
    Thanks jason :)
    WIP: A+

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