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Skills Train

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Jakblak, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Jakblak

    Jakblak New Member


    Ive just signed with Skills Train for A+,N+,CCNA but have had a bad feeling since doing it.Looking at different forums there is lots of mention of Skills Train but some vague answers. Was signing with them a bad decision ? I signed two days ago so I think I can still cancel this agreement. Also, if I pass this course will I actually get a certificate from Cisco to say I am qualified to work their systems or will it be a certificate from the college to say I have the knowledge ? Please let me know if Im wasting my hard earned cash on this.

  2. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Firstly, hi there, and welcome to Certforums.

    You can cancel your agreement with Skillstrain within 6 days, just so you know.

    Do a search for 'Skillstrain' or 'Scheidegger' to find some forum opinions on the company. Try this thread for a starter. There a mixed reviews, as you often get. Mine happens to be a good one, but have a look at the threads and make your own judgement.

    Why is it you're feeling 'wrong' about the decision so quickly? Are you doubting the companies integrity on hearsay? Is it the cost? Or was it a 'pushy' salesman? These 3 seem to be common denominators when it comes down to doubting training providers, and staying on courses with them.

    You will end up with Comptia and Cisco certifications by the end of the course, if, of course, you pass the national exams. The jury is out on whether or not Scheidegger reimburse you for these exams - that discussion can be found on another thread.

    If you are worried about the company's bad rep, I think that's a decision you should really make for yourself. If people are happy about something, they rarely make their joy known. But if people are unhappy, they'll rant and rave until the cows come home - angry voices tend to be the louder ones, which is why you find a lot of bad press on the 'net.

    If you're worried about the cost then cancel. Despite the fact that the loans for Skillstrain are interest free, the course price is hefty. If you think you have the savvy to self-study, then go for it. It'll be a lot cheaper, trust me.

    If the salesman was pushy, then I'd really think about the course you're on. Check out the jobs it will get you to, and the career you'll be in. If this guy (or gal) has steered you somewhere you don't want to be, then cancel it, no holds barred.

    I hope this has been of some help to you. IMO, I don't think Scheidegger are a bad company. Though their material has been a bit 'flimsy' at times, an email to the tutor support has more often than not quickly and easily sorted out any problems I had.

    Good luck, and enjoy the site!
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  3. darrenecm

    darrenecm Bit Poster

    I'm new to the forums and have posted my views and experiences on Skillstrain elsewhere but I'm happy to repeat them where necessary so here goes my 2 cents:

    The two main points of unease that have me concerned with Skillstrain are the following:

    1. The guarantee that allows you to retake the course at no extra cost if you fail the 'examination'

    2. The issue of whether examination costs are included in the course fees

    With regards to 1 I have since discovered that this gurantee is essentially worthless. The Skillstrain guarantee seems to only refer to some examination process that is internal to Skillstrain and does not mean the CompTIA A+ N+ exam.

    There is an addendum single-page leaflet of the Netpro Plan of the Course that has the following small sentence:

    Both the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ examinations are proprietary and are outside the Skillstrain guarantee scheme"

    Now I'm not yet able to question how comprehensive Skillstrains A+ N+ course material is (I'm only at the start of the course) and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, but this opens up a potential loophole whereby should the quality of Skillstrain's course material and the efforts of their online tutors be woefully inadequate at preparing you for the CompTIA exam, you would have no legal redress at getting your money back on the grounds that the course you paid for was not fit for it's purpose.

    It does beg the question why Skillstrain, if it's so confident about its courses, would not include any and all examinations within its guarantee scheme.

    As for point 2 it seems that (in my case) the cost of the CompTIA A+ and N+ course are covered by the course fee I've paid. However, what's yet again made throughly unclear is that there is a reimbursement process. This means that after you have completed the Skillstrain course, you still have to find yet more money to pay for the CompTIA exams once you have registered to sit them with the appropriate CompTIA exam body (who are a seperate body to Skillstrain by the way. However, Skillstrain do reimburse you this cost later. Again this is not made abundantly clear in talks with the salesperson or within the Skillstrain documentation I have on the course. Quite why the CompTIA exam body cannot bill Skillstrain for my sitting the CompTIA exam is beyond me. Surely there are similar payment methods in place that allow someone else to be billed for a students exam sit? How else would companies who send their own employees onto CompTIA and Microsoft courses pay for them?

    It would be useful to hear from anyone out there who has completed any Skillstrain courses to confirm whether they have been able to resit the "real" and important exams after a failure and whether they have indeed been reimbursed the costs of such exams. As it stands I believe no such people are present in these forums yet :)
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