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Sharp MX-4501n

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by BB88, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. BB88

    BB88 Kilobyte Poster Gold Member

    I have a client computer with Ubuntu 10.10 installed. We have a Sharp MX-4501n Printer installed in the Main Office. This printer requires Authentication via a Login and Password - set in Windows-based environment in the Printer Preferences. However, there is no such location for Authentication in Ubuntu.

    I believe this is the same across most Sharp Printers. Is anyone aware of how to make this work?

    Thank you in advance.
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  2. The_Geek

    The_Geek Megabyte Poster

    As a Sharp employee, I think I can assist.

    Linux print drivers lack a lot of the features that Windows drivers have, and the biggest one is authentication, or printing with "codes".

    Now, there is a check box in the web interface of the 4501 in the authentication section called "disabling of printing by invalid users". If that box is unchecked, then anyone can print to the 4501 without authentication, which defeats the purpose of authenticating.
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