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For Sale Sever (Newcastle) - IBM eServer 326 / 8848-PAR

Discussion in 'Sales and Swaps' started by Matzo, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Matzo

    Matzo New Member

    I'm selling two servers, the specs are as follows;

    IBM eServer 326 / 8848-PAR

    1U IBM eServer 326
    2x AMD Opteron 248 SKT940 @ 2.2GHz
    4GB DDR ECC Memory
    1x 80GB SATA HDD
    MS-9549 Baseboard Management Card
    2x NIC
    4x USB

    I'm asking for £100 for one unit.

    I have 2x 2.2GHz Dual Core Opterons and 2x 1TB SATA II HDD's as optional upgrades.

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Thread Status:
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