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Server for Citrix XenDesktop

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by kicsiburcsi, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. kicsiburcsi

    kicsiburcsi Bit Poster

    Hi all,

    I know some of you here have experience with Citrix.

    So the question is:

    How could i find out how many users a particular server can support (performance wise) with XenDesktop?

    We have a server with 4X quad core xeon 1.6ghz, 32GB RAM, 7 disks(15K) in Raid5.
    The users would use every day office task: office, outlook, excel, sims.net, web browsing.
    The users would use thin clients running linux (probably) (that is the idea)

    I am very beginner in this subject, however we have a server which could be free up and would like to know what are the capabilities of it. I have looked around on Citrix's website and watched every possible video and had a good look around on the INTERNET and no luck. Maybe I am just searching on the wrong places.

    This is just an idea at the moment, but we see visualization as the "future".

    I think this will make a good off topic discussion:)


    Certifications: Comptia A+, MCP, MCDST
    WIP: 70-290, Degree in IT

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