SERIOUS Networking Help Needed!!

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by zimbo, Aug 3, 2005.

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    just got back from my second interview... like the first one :rolleyes: nahh not that bad just have to figure out what to do when they throw you into reception and have you waiting there like a lost fool while the secretary sings westlife!! :(

    I have come to the conclusion: I NEED TO TEACH MYSELF SOME NETWORKING FAST!!!

    I got my pc's i got my switch/hub.... i got my windows 2003 server and i got my XP .... NOW for you guys that have done MCSE/MCSA/CCNA you know the "come fix my network" jobs : i would like to know which book gives you the show-how on how to add a new PC to the exisiting network!!! I know this type of stuff comes from experience but guys the market here in cyprus is tight CCNP will get you an entry-level (yeah you :ohmy i know!!)- so you see the situation im in i need to learn some stuff fast starting with the above i feel cause it was asked and im keen to learn how to!

    thanks guys and i know this is a little far fetched thread but i got to try crack my first proper IT job and to be honest this forum right now is pushing me towards it slowly......

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    I'm no networking guru, but I do feel fairly comfortable inside smaller networks. I'd say there is no one book to teach you networking. That's like expecting one book to teach you everything about programming, or one book to teach you everything there is to know about an OS. It simply can't be done and still have a book that anyone is capable of picking up and carrying around.

    Start with the fundamentals such as TCP\IP. Learn this stuff. Buy books on the fundamentals and study them thoroughly. Get yourself a copy of ethereal so you can sniff packets and see how they are constructed, how computers actually talk to each other. Disect the packets. See how they're constructed. Learn how the different protocols work, how they are used in computer communication. Learn the tcp/ip and osi stacks. See how computers actually utilize these things. It will open up a lot of things to your understanding.

    There's a lot to learn and it's not all sitting there on the surface. It takes time, effort, and the desire to do whatever is necessary for you to learn it. There are no shortcuts. Shortcuts just leave you with an incomplete understanding of something that is necessary. That will come back to bite you.
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    Learn the OSI model
    its your friend :)
    A CCNA book will cover this in depth, failing that google will also help without the expense of a book
    also N+ is a good grounding

    remmeber to start your troubleshooting at layer 1!
    sucks to troubleshoot for an hour to realise you hadnt plugged the mofo cable in!! ARGH :D
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    Zimbo, it shows you as work in progress on Network+. I would suggest that is your best bet initially. It covers most of the area's that people have mentioned above and will give you a good grounding in the fundmentals of most areas.
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    thanks for all this guys... umm from the MCSE which of the exam covers what i asked? adding new users to the existing network? 70-290?
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